The time honored tradition continues as we celebrate the season with the 12th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the incomparable Stanton Friedman. This year’s installment features some insights from Stan about his new book Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers and we also briefly talk about last month’s epic presidential election and what it might mean for ufology and the world in general.

As is custom, we then turn to BoA:Audio listeners who submitted a slew of questions for Stan covering topics such as nuclear propulsion being used for airplanes, Project Orion, his favorite element on the Periodic Table, the 1970′s documentary ‘Overlords of the UFO,’ Jacques Vallee, the prospects for disclosure, John Keel, the EM drive, Project Blue Book Special Report 14, ancient astronauts, the Westinghouse Waltz Mill nuclear research facility, the Cash-Landrum case, silly skeptics, Moore’s Law and many other areas of intrigue.

The signature program of BoA:Audio, the Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman once again delivers with another classic conversation with the iconic UFO researcher. Happy Holidays from BoA!

MP3s and Streaming Audio linkage here: 12th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special

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