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Befitting what was an epic year, we close out 2016 in historic fashion with our annual Year in Review special featuring the paranormal’s happy warrior Greg Bishop in a special simulcast with his program Radio Misterioso.

Over the course of this marathon conversation, we reflect on the biggest stories in 2016 from a paranormal and parapolitical perspective including, of course, the election of Donald Trump and how it seemed to crush UFO disclosure dreams, but may still yield something worthwhile for ET enthusiasts.

We also talk about how conspiracy culture went mainstream in 2016 and what it might mean for the rank-and-file researchers as well as big ‘stars’ in the field.

Also on the table for discussion is the Creepy Clown Crazy from the fall, the weird spate of celebrity deaths that unfolded throughout the year, how space and space science seems to be continuing to grow in interest, and a few other odd trends from 2016.

We also talk about the then-fresh Chilean UFO case which was big news at the beginning of 2017 and, sadly, is already a footnote that will appear on next year’s wrap up show.

As always happens when Greg and Binnall get together, the conversation takes a variety of twists and turns while we try to navigate looking back as well as looking ahead.

Good riddance, 2016, and bring on 2017!

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2016 Year in Review special w. Greg Bishop

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