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This past summer, by way of the mighty Bruce Mangan, Binnall of America began the process of migrating our entire archive, now newly remastered, over to the BoA YouTube channel.

As of this moment in mid-October, Seasons One and Two have been posted in their entirety and Season Three is nearly complete as well with new batches of episodes uploaded every week.

In addition to the archive, we’re proud to announce that, at long last, Binnall of America will soon make its triumphant return to the internet airwaves and, in an attempt to keep up with the modern world, we’ve ditched our classic telephone recording system and gotten a proper microphone and everything.

While we’re reticent to announce a premiere date for what we’re calling the BoA revival, we’re confident that you’ll be listening to all-new Binnall of America episodes by the end of the month at the very latest. As always, stay tuned to the BoA on social media for updates.

Until then, dig in to the BoA YouTube channel, relive some of your favorite shows from the past, and, as the kids say, like and subscribe!

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