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BoA:Audio celebrates Thanksgiving with our sixth annual Ruxgiving special featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux.

This year’s edition features about 30 minutes of election talk to start the show (so skip ahead if you’re sick of hearing about the election) and then two hours of listener questions and random side tangents.

Among the topics discussed are the esoteric importance of the ‘red, white, and black’ color scheme, conditioning the population for a ‘new world’ via Hollywood films, hidden chambers at the Great Pyramid, recreational marijuana, and alternative cosmology.

Other areas of discussion include the Flat Earth & Hollow Earth theories, Russian hackers, channeling, Sasquatch, DC comics animated movies, alien abductions, the afterlife, and Stephen Hawking. Plus a whole lot more.

So put the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on mute, kick back, relax, and pop open a beer because Ruxgiving is here! Happy Thanksgiving from Binnall of America and our old friend Bruce Rux!

MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage can be found here: Ruxgiving 2016.

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