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BoA:Audio celebrates the holiday season in historic fashion as we welcome the iconic Stanton Friedman for our landmark 10th Annual Holiday Special. After nine years of shows constituting a stunning 13 hours of material, we opt for an 'old school' edition of BoA:Audio akin to the first ever Holiday Special from 2005 and feature a pure 'jam session' with Stan for this year's festivities, saving listener questions for next year's special.

Amongst the many topics covered over the course of the conversation are an update on Stan's health following his heart attack this Summer, his appearance in a pasta sauce commercial, reflections on life as a traveling ufologist, which of the many 'imminent' disclosure events of the past he saw as most promising, the changing public perception of UFOs and ETs, if humans can ever become 'aliens' to other planets, how deep Stan thinks the Cosmic Watergate may run, and how he would like to see disclosure handled if it ever happens.

We also get his thoughts on the state of Ufology today as compared to the past and find out what question about UFOs he'd most like an answer to as well as the strangest thing anyone has told him at a UFO convention. He also recounts the search for his FBI files, opines on this Summer's French UFO event and Jacques Vallee's role in UFO research, and reveals his aspirations for a UFO museum on the east coast. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

Altogether it is a milestone edition of BoA:Audio as we present the 10th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the legendary Stanton Friedman.

Full Recap: We kick things off by first getting an update from Stan about a pair of unexpected events occurred in his life this past year, beginning with his heart attack which happened over the Summer. Stan recounts how it all went down, his recovery from the heart attack, his prognosis for the future, and the subsequent event which he hilariously called worse than the heart attack. This second big event from 2014 which we revisit with Stan is his surprise appearance in a Bongiovi Pasta Sauce commerical, which includes the priceless tale of Stan inadvertently drawing the ire of a stage mom.

Stan also provides a glimpse into the life of a traveling ufologist as he recalls the bizarre trip home from filming the TV commercial. Looking back on his career, we find out about Stan's peak year traveling the country and speaking about UFOs throughout America. Stan talks about misconceptions about being able to travel around the country to talk about UFOs and how it is more work than pleasure and sightseeing. The conversation then shifts towards getting Stan's perspective on the long history of UFO disclosure being 'right around the corner' and we find out, in retrospect, which proverbial 'corner' he thought had the most potential to be a breakthrough moment for the field.

He then talks about how he disarms the nasty, noisy negativists, including the legendary 'Four Rules for Debunkers,' since no Holiday Special is complete without that classic adage. This leads to some talk about the changing public perception about UFOs as well as the possibility that, at the very least, aliens must exist somewhere 'out there.' Stan also muses about how the human races gives the ETs no incentive to reveal themselves to the planet and, in fact, conditions on Earth seem to be conducive to dissuading the aliens to treat us as equals. We also ponder the question of whether or not humans can even set aside our terrestrial differences to advance to a level where we become 'aliens' to another planet or if we will destroy ourselves before that can happen.

We return to another favorite topic of Stan's: the misconception that many people have about government secrecy and he talks about the strange project known as Operation Solarium and how it took 25 years for the public to be told about it. This segues into some talk about the 'Cosmic Watergate' and we learn how deep Stan thinks this conspiracy goes. In light of Stan's opinion that the government shouldn't disclose everything about UFOs, we ask him what he thinks the government should tell people about the phenomenon and how they should do it.

Returning to the historical evolution of ufology, we have Stan look back and reflect on the ebbs and flows of UFO research over the last 50 years, which leads to him looking at the current state of ufology in 2014 and what issues he sees at most concerning to him as we head into 2015. We also talk about the death of UFO research groups and how it has led to a lack of oversight when it comes to what's acceptable research. We also talk about how, paradoxically, society seems to be getting dumber by the generation but also more technologically advanced and more open to possibilities surrounding UFOs and ETs.

Next we ask Stan if there is any one question that has nagged at him over all these years and what sort of answers he would like about the UFO phenomenon. In light of the many, many, many people who have spoken to Stan about UFOs over the years, we learn what the weirdest or funniest thing he's been told by a stranger as well as what was the most 'insider' or potentially revelatory. This leads to the humorous tale of Stan's attempt to get government files pertaining to him and how the FBI and CIA stonewalled him about these files. Looking at one big event from this past year that didn't receive much coverage in traditional American UFO circles, we get Stan's opinion on the French GAIPAN conference from the Summer.

Heading towards the close of the conversation, we segue from GAIPAN and ask Stan for his thoughts on Jacques Vallee, one of the very few remaining UFO researchers who can be considered a contemporary to Stan in stature, influence, and popularity. From there, we revisit Roswell and learn how long it took for the town to finally embrace its place in UFO lore and how attitudes there about the subject have changed over the years. Stan also talks about his aspirations for an east coast UFO museum based in Fredericton, New Brunswick and centered around his vast collection of material. Closing out the program, we find out what's next for Stanton Friedman in 2015 and beyond.

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