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BoA:Audio welcomes Greg and Dana Newkirk back to the show for a discussion on their wildly popular Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, haunted objects, ghosts and ghost hunting, Bigfoot, and a whole bunch of other weird stuff.

Among the topics covered are the weirdest things that they’ve ever received for the museum as well as strange experiences they’ve had while convention vendors handle and examine the haunted items found in their exhibit.

We also hear the story of how the haunted objects may have saved them from being robbed (or worse) during a late night drive in the middle of nowhere.

We also dig into their ongoing project aimed at creating 3D scans of haunted objects from the museum and how the endeavor has proven to be more difficult than expected due to what appears to be interference from the objects themselves.

This leads to some talk about their infamous haunted idol named Billy and how he has ‘opened up’ since they first took him into their home.

Other areas discussed during the show are the evolution of ghosthunting groups and their curious fashion choices, the possibility of Bigfoot being a ghost, an FX company that claims that they are hoaxing hauntings for famous paranormal sites.

Plus, Greg and Dana’s recent trip to the Bermuda Triangle and their one great disappointment about the infamous Triangle, how the Internet broke reality, and, of course, tons more.

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Greg & Dana Newkirk on BoA:Audio, Season X

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