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Author, humorist, and connoisseur of creepiness, Jason Offutt joins us for an exploration of American monsters, notably the strange and unusual creatures and tales from a variety of states around the country.

Among the monsters and stories covered over the course of the conversation are strange, shadowy entities from California lore known as the ‘Dark Watchers,’ a goat-like beast known as the Billiwack Monster that once tormented parts of the Sunshine State.

We also learn about a bizarre creature called the ‘Slide Rock Bolter’ that is said to lurk along the mountains of Colorado, an unsettling urban legend from Connecticut surrounding weird little people known as ‘Melonheads.’

From there we journey to Hawaii to talk about the magical little people of the island which are called the ‘Menehune,’ and then it is off to Kentucky for a discussion on the ‘Pope Lick Monster,’ including how one unfortunate young woman died last year searching for the creature.

We move on the Louisiana for some talk of two area legends: the Grunch and the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

Next we discuss Mississippi’s famous Pascagoula River Aliens as well as the incredible story of Montana’s Shunka Warak’in, a canine-like cryptid that was actually shot and stuffed by a hunter a long time ago.

This leads us to New York’s infamous Cardiff Giant, Ohio’s notorious Loveland Frogmen, Pennsylvania’s unforgettable legendary creature known simply as the Squonk, followed by South Carolina’s Third Eye Man.

We then hear about a truly bizarre story surrounding whales allegedly being brought to Utah to live in the Great Salt Lake, a pair of monstrous creatures from Vermont: the Northfield Pigman and the absolutely haunting entity dubbed ‘The Awful’ that actually inspired H.P. Lovecraft.

We wrap up the journey of American monsters by discussing the creepy Bunny Man of Virginia, the Sheepsquatch of West Virginia, and Wyoming’s jackalope.

And, in the final half hour, Jason and Binnall just kick back with a few beers and shoot the shit, talking about the paranormal, weird conspiracy theories, time travel, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.

Links to each of these specific stories as well as the MP3 & Streaming Audio links can be found here:

Jason Offutt on BoA:Audio, Season X

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