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Prolific Fortean author Nick Redfern joins the program for a free-flowing conversation covering the world of UFOs, cryptozoology, conspiracy, and much more.

Among the topics covered during the program are Nick’s latest book on Roswell, which re-visits his previous work concerning an alternative theory for the infamous ‘UFO crash,’ which leads to some talk about how Roswell could prove to be the undoing of ufology.

We also talk about Tom DeLonge and how his work hints at something similar to Nick’s research involving the notorious Collins Elite and we also delve into Bigfoot, specifically whether it may be some kind of interdimensional being rather than a flesh and blood creature.

Beyond that, we talk about how the world is being taken over by conspiracy theories, how the internet had fundamentally altered human civilization, whether Nick has ever considered writing a biography of a paranormal personality, Bigfoot conspiracy theories, and the afterlife.

Plus, as always, tons and tons more.

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Nick Redfern on BoA:Audio, Season X

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