Tina Sena, a Binnall of America contributor, blogger  and Goddess Warrior of Fortean things, recently commented on her Facebook page about women and UFOlogy. In her remarks, she wrote that she had hoped, years ago, that dialogues would open up among female UFO explorers. But nothing much happened. Disappointed, Tina feels like giving up. This is from her Facebook post (with her permission):

It was never my intention to even make a wave. I was just curious and wanted to delve into the phenomena. I just wanted dialogue. I never really got any. At first I was certain it had to do with the fact that women don’t have a large role in Ufology and that the guys generally only talk to the guys, interview the guys and write books with other guys. Whatever the case may be, I never got that dialogue and now I’m 100% disenchanted. I’m not going to say I wasted all these years trying to figure it all out. Because I don’t think I did. But I was invisible and that honestly, doesn’t help when you’re trying to become a part of the conversation. So I’m bowing out. There are a lot of very smart people in the field, writing good shit and coming up with great questions ( because we are no closer to answers now than we were in the heyday of Ufology). Ufology does not need me. I wish all the other researchers well. But I’m done. Time to get a new hobby. I heard a lot of good things about woodworking. (Tina Sena)

DON’T GIVE UP!  is the comment I left on her page. I  told Tina she is intelligent, funny, and has a skewed perspective that is always needed in this field.

But, I do understand. Once very active on-line UFO-high strangeness wise, I’ve slowed down the past couple of years. It’s not because I’ve given up. Not because I am no longer interested. Hell no. I cannot imagine such a thing happening. I’m just resting; percolating those Fortean thoughts.

Some time ago, I started a new blog (oh yes, I have many): Women of Esoterica . A lot of intelligent women involved in UFO and related areas contributed to that blog. Tina Sena was one, Karyn Dolan, Chris Holly, Lesley Gunther, Danielle Lee, Farah Yurdozu, Richelle Hawks, Anya Briggs, among others.  But, for whatever reasons — and I don’t know why — we all stopped. Not all at once, but after an active and exciting beginning, things just stopped. I tried not long ago to revive the blog, but nothing doing. The blog is still on-line, and I haven’t given up. It’s simply dormant. Maybe this will get things shaking.

I can’t speak for Tina or anyone else. Maybe a lot of women are just tired of a lot of men who are … stupid. Big thug-fish in little ponds splashing about, making lots of noise but not getting anywhere; simply attacking each other, and making the most vile and ignorant statements about women. (Like MUFON’s John Ventre’s comments to Karyn Dolan.)   It also gets tiring having to support your take on the UFO phenomena as well as the added layer of misogynistic knee jerk reactions to your ideas. Sigh. Disclaimer: The above statement concerning men only applies to those whose foot fits the shoe. There are many men out there who are rational, reasonable, and supportive.  You  know who you are!

There’s also life; families and work and if you’re a single parent that does tend to get in the way. Things like that. But not all of us have children, or are in a relationship; still, we have to survive. Work and deal with health issues and all the little things in life that must be done. Those things someitmes take a back seat to immersing yourself in the plans our Overlords have for us.

So I’m throwing down with Tina. Let’s talk, discuss, argue even. (Not all female UFO researchers agree concerning David Jacobs, for exmaple.) (And I remember some dissent among contributors to Women of Esoterica . . .)

There is a lot to talk about! 

Tina Sena, you are not invisible. Just keep at it, we need you! And all women out there; witness, researcher, blogger, artist –whatever way you express your interest in UFOs and strange realms, we need you!

Start the dialogue. Email me: orangeorb@mail.com. Or email each other. Or blog. Comment, write, share, —  rest, but don’t give up.



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