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BoA:Audio welcomes Jack Brewer, creator of the excellent blog The UFO Trail, for a discussion on the current state of UFO and abduction research as well as some of the troubling stories that ‘mainstream’ ufology ignores.

Amongst the areas covered during the conversation are the ‘Roswell slides’ saga, the sad state of MUFON as the de facto national UFO research organization, and the infamous Carpenter Affair.

Additionally, we look at how consumer culture and infotainment have changed UFO research in a negative way, how solving the mystery of UFOs has taken a backseat to promoting UFO lore, and how abduction research has been rendered a veritable wasteland over the last few years.

Plus lots and lots more ‘big picture’ observations concerning ufology, disclosure, the UFO mystery, abductions, and the humans who exist amidst this sea of strangeness.

Altogether it is a thought-provoking edition of BoA:Audio that challenges listeners to think differently about the UFO phenomenon and expect some accountability from those who have declared themselves researchers of the enigma as Jack Brewer takes us down The UFO Trail.

Exhaustive recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links here:

Jack Brewer on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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