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BoA:Audio celebrates the start of another baseball season with our massive 2015 Baseball Special featuring a whopping seven different guests.

Amongst the cavalcade of paranormal personalities joining us for this year’s festivities are crackpot historian Adam Gorightly, Radio Misterioso host Greg Bishop, legendary cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author Jason Offutt, redsonsuperman of and Lostcast fame, filmmaker and paranormal pundit Paul Kimball, and, making his baseball special debut, radio and TV host Richard Syrett.

Over the course of this marathon episode of the program, which clocks in at nearly the length of the average baseball game, we cover each guest’s respective hometown team and how they may fare in 2015 as well as the latest developments from the world of baseball over the offseason.

Plus, of course, the always competitive and hotly contested annual prediction contest where our guests vie for the crown of 2015 Baseball Special champion.

Exhaustive recap as well as complete show MP3 & Streaming Audio linkage here:

The 2015 BoA:Audio Baseball Special

For those with limited time, we’ve also got individualized MP3s for each guest here:

Adam Gorightly

Greg Bishop

Loren Coleman

Jason Offutt


Paul Kimball

Richard Syrett


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