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BoA:Audio welcomes investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck for a discussion on his amazing book A Deadly Secret, which explores the captivating and unsettling story of millionaire real estate scion, accused murderer, and ‘star’ of HBO’s The Jinx, Robert Durst.

Over the course of the conversation, we get Matt’s take on Durst’s newfound infamy via the HBO series and we explore how the narrative of The Jinx differs in several key ways from the actual events surrounding Durst as chronicled in Matt’s A Deadly Secret.

We also discuss a whole slew of unique characters who populate the Durst story and their role in shaping the narrative of Robert Durst as well as how his penchant for traveling around the country as a vagabond in drag may suggest an even more sinister Robert Durst than had been considered before.

Additionally, we find out exactly where things stand for Robert Durst today, what might become of a trial in Los Angeles for murder, and if we’ll ever find out if he truly “killed them all, of course.”

For fans of The Jinx or folks who just love a good, creepy story, it’s a must-hear conversation as we refresh the Robert Durst story with more concrete details about timelines and characters with the man who has been investigating the case for over a decade, Matt Birkbeck, author of A Deadly Secret.

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Matt Birkbeck on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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