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In a special ‘bonus’ edition of BoA:Audio, Season 8, we welcome author Brian Tuohy for a discussion on his research into sports conspiracies and scandals.

Over the course of this in-depth conversation, we delve into the shadowy but massive world of sports industry and how the media, organized crime, and the leagues themselves may have a hand in swaying how games are played.

We talk about the billions of dollars that sports leagues get for TV rights, the recent Ray Rice NFL scandal, the lack of oversight from sports media, sports leagues’ security teams, potential game fixing by gamblers and leagues, PEDs, the 1985 NBA Draft conspiracy, the Super Bowl III conspiracy, the new stadium racket, the NCAA, the XFL, Spygate, the World Cup, and tons more.

Altogether, a fast-paced and very fun edition of BoA:Audio that peels back the glossy artifice of professional sports to reveal the behind-the-scene manipulations.

The regular exhaustive recap of highlights as well as MP3s & Streaming Audio linkage here:

Brian Tuohy on BoA:Audio, Season 8 (10/20/2014)

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