I have a Facebook group called UFOs are Paranormal and Here’s Why. I called it that because I couldn’t think of a better name, but the title gets the idea across. I don’t believe that UFOs are always “paranormal” or, maybe, more to the point, supernatural. (The difference between paranormal and supernatural: former suggest a soon to be realized explanation, usually expected to be discovered by science, the latter more metaphysical/occult remaining unexplained by rationality.)

But in many UFO cases, there most definitely appears to be an element of supernatural components. Sometimes we call this “the Trickster” but whatever name we give it, there’s no denying mysterious and highly strange aspects of UFO experience have been a part of the UFO phenomena all along. (By the way, “trickster” is not a single entity; it is not a comic book character or specific individual energy. Lamont Cranston/The Shadow, it is not.)


Sometimes UFOs are nothing more than physical craft; either ours, or theirs. Theirs meaning, of course, ET. Simple, straightforward. Whatever seeming magical effects from UFOs in these cases are not supernatural but technological. We mistake technology — again, either ours or theirs — for something more. More mysterious and magical, more strange and exotic than it is. In reality, it is simply technology playing with our heads.

Other times, it is more than that. And other than that. I often think that in many cases, non-human entities — not ET, but entities — manipulate our reality so we think what we’re witnessing is a UFO encounter. There are variations on this: manipulating actual UFO experiences to further confuse, creating scenarios presented to us as UFO encounters, or, interpreted as such. Possibly these entities meet somewhere and work tighter. Or, against each other. And we, us humans, witness all this and only see a small bit of a complex phenomena.

It seems to me after all these decades we’re still expecting researchers to pick one side, one angle, one answer and stick with it while rejecting all other possibilities. ¬†Example: it’s fine to suggest, as I just did, that non-human entities can manipulate the UFO experience (be they ghosts, Djinn, what have you) but you then have to accept the reality of such beings. Not all saucernauts accept the existence of these things, even while accepting the reality of ET.





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