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Author and paranormal researcher Christopher O’Brien returns to BoA:Audio for a discussion on his latest book, Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery.

Over the course of this marathon conversation, we discuss the evolution of the cattle mutilation mystery from a lone event which spawned an international news story to a growing field of research which exploded with a wave of catmuts in the mid-1970′s, and the subsequent attempts by the government to debunk the phenomenon and paranormal researchers connecting it to the UFO enigma in the 1980′s.

Chris also talks about how, despite the lack of media attention, the cattle mutilation phenomenon continues to this day and he shares numerous puzzling and breathtaking cases of cattle mutilations from his vast library of incidents.

We also ponder the challenges which hinder attempts to unlock the true nature of this mystery as well as how the nefarious beef industry may have a hand in either the mutilations themselves or the cover-up of the phenomenon.

The alleged cult connection to cattle mutilations, possible clandestine government ritual squads, Oprah’s lawsuit from the beef industry, factory farms, chicken picking, and British TV presenter Louis Theroux are amongst the other areas of discussion delved into during this lengthy episode.

Detailed recap as well as MP3 and Streaming Audio links found here:

Christopher O’Brien on BoA:Audio, Season 8

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