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BoA:Audio begins the process of closing the book on Season 8 as, in the first part of our dual episode Season Finale, we welcome cryptozoologist Adam Davies and Bigfoot researcher Lori Simmons who, for the first time ever and exclusively on BoA:Audio, reveal the secret Bigfoot expedition, from May of 2013, that was funded by renowned Oxford University geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes.

Sworn to secrecy for nearly a year and a half, Adam and Lori have finally been granted permission to divulge the details surrounding this clandestine research project and the remarkable happenings surrounding it.

Over the course of this marathon conversation that clocks in at nearly three hours, we learn about how Adam’s history of excellent on-site research melded with Lori’s astonishing story of habituation with Bigfoot and drew the attention as well as funding of Dr. Sykes.

We leave virtually no stone unturned over the course of the episode and delve into a myriad of details surrounding the expedition, Lori’s relationship with the Bigfoot, Adam’s perspective on this stunning case, surprising help granted by the government towards it, and where it might go next.

Possibly an early glimpse of a future landmark case or yet another tantalizing tease from the ever-enigmatic Bigfoot, it’s a story that is likely to leave many BoA:Audio listeners breathless as the ‘Big Guy Project’ is revealed to the world.

Exhaustive recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio linkage here:

Adam Davies & Lori Simmons on BoA:Audio (10/28/14)

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