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A beloved Binnall of America tradition comes to an end with the 15th and final BoA Holiday Special in which we celebrate the life and legacy of our dear friend Stanton Friedman with special guests Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas. Over the course of nearly three hours, we remember Stan and his many zeitgeist-changing accomplishments, like introducing the world to Roswell and MJ-12, while also boosting lesser-known UFO cases which he saw credible, and fondly recall his famous catchphrases like the ‘Four Rules for Debunkers’ and ‘SETI: Silly Effort to Investigate.’ We discuss Stan’s place in the pantheon of UFO research, what appeared to be his view of humanity as a global civilization, how MJ-12 seemed to be something a blind spot for him, his field-defying investigation into Bob Lazar, his life as a traveling UFO showman, Paul’s films on Stan, and so much more. Plus, we share several great Stan stories, laugh quite a bit, and, in the case of Binnall at least, cry just a tad as well.

MP3s,  Streaming Audio linkage, and Podcast feed info here: The 15th & Final BoA Holiday Special

Binnall of America wants to thank all of our amazing listeners for making the Holiday Special with Stanton Friedman such a fixture of the BoA universe by way of your countless thoughtful questions posed to Stan over the years. And, of course, enormous thanks to Stan for joining us year after year and, in turn, creating an unforgettable holiday tradition unlike any other in the world of the paranormal. Words cannot adequately express how much we’ll miss him going forward, but we’ll always be profoundly grateful for his support of the program and look back fondly on the many memories during what was a truly awesome 14-year-long run of shows.

To that end, for the completists in the audience or those who simply want to revisit our past conversations with Stan this holiday season, here is the full catalog of Holiday Specials for your listening pleasure:

The 11th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman

And, for the completists in the audience, you can find the entire catalog of holiday specials below…

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