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Wrapping up our traditional holiday programs, BoA:Audio joins forces with Greg Bishop’s Radio Misterioso for an absolutely epic two-night simulcast covering all the wild and crazy paranormal events of 2017.

On Night One, we discussed the Amelia Earhart cable TV special photo debacle, the turmoil at MUFON, Sean David Morton’s wacky misadventures in 2017 & the Stan Romanek trial, the Tom DeLonge saga & Pentagon UFO program revelations, and Binnall’s gadgets from Christmas.

On Night Two, we cover the Flat Earth theory exploding in popularity, how society has been enveloped by conspiracy culture, including the rise of Alex Jones and the JFK files debacle from November of 2017, a cryptozoology round-up of big stories from the past year, DB Cooper developments, memories of Jim Marrs, and Greg Bishop battles Alexa.

Get the MP3s for both shows or listen to them both via streaming audio here:

BoA:Audio & Radio Misterioso 2017 Year in Review Two Night Spectacular

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