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Looking out onto the fresh horizon of 2018, BoA:Audio welcomes our old friend Dr. Tyler Kokjohn back to the program for an exploration of science-related topics.

Among the areas of discussion during the program were the controversial CRISPR genome editing technology, stem cell research, autism, nanotechnology, Alexa & digital assistants, 23 and Me, sex robots, and the now-infamous Pentagon UFO program revelations from December.

Throughout the course of the conversation, we also muse about how science isn’t all that different from the paranormal in the sense that various fields often make bold promises for the future, like being able to grow human organs in a lab like vegetables, that have been teased for decades yet never seem to come to fruition.

Altogether, it’s an enlightening, but also lighthearted edition of the program with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, who we like to think of as the proverbial ‘Mr. Wizard’ of BoA:Audio.

MP3 & Streaming Audio linkage here:

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn on BoA:Audio, Season X

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