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Filmmaker, paranormal pundit, and longtime friend of the program, Paul Kimball returns to BoA:Audio as part of our final season celebration.

In this epic conversation, we reminisce about the early days of BoA, find out about Paul’s return to ghost investigating with the new TV series ‘Haunted’ and his observations about the differences between that world of the paranormal and ufology.

We spend quite a bit of time grousing about the sad state of ufology, despite Paul’s claims beforehand that we weren’t going to ‘go there,’ trying to get a handle on where things went wrong with UFO studies and what the future might hold.

We also learn a bit about Paul’s foray into politics and how his history as a paranormal filmmaker seemed to be received by voters. Jumping back to Paul’s ghost investigations, we talk about his run-in with a ‘professional’ researcher and we lambast this idea, since this individual is almost certainly not actually a professional ghost hunter.

The conversation then takes a completely different turn as Binnall talks about his trip to Canada last summer and we discuss the Canadian colonies that did not split off from Britain when America was formed and Paul explains some of the reasons why those provinces did not join the revolution.

This segues into some outlandish talk about the Bigfoot researcher suing the Canadian government because he believes that they are negligent when it comes to protecting Sasquatch in British Columbia. We then meander back to Paul’s burgeoning political career as well as his take on American politics (sorry!).

Wrapping up the marathon conversation, we spend the final twenty minutes or so discussing professional wrestling and the various characters from that world. Closing things out, we find out what’s next for Paul as well as where folks can hear and read more of his musings.

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Paul Kimball on BoA:Audio, Season X


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