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As is custom on BoA:Audio, we celebrate Thanksgiving with the holiday tradition like no other: Ruxgiving featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux.

It would be nearly impossible to recount all the topics covered as we just weaved all over the place from remote viewing & Rosicrusians to Martian races & the Moon hoax theory, Tom DeLonge & UFO disinformation, alien abductions, the Las Vegas shooting, the new Egyptian void, Bruce’s obsession with the video game Injustice and his refusal to get Netflix, plus just tons and tons more.

By the time we wrapped it up, it genuinely felt like two distant family members sitting on the couch, after having not seen each other in a year, and talking about all kinds of crazy shit, which is exactly what Ruxgiving is all about.

With that in mind, we hope all of the fantastic BoA:Audio listeners have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday wherever and however you enjoy the day.

Dig in to the nearly-three-hour Ruxgiving spectacular in MP3 or Streaming Audio format here:

Bruce Rux on BoA:Audio, Season X


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