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BoA:Audio welcomes the author and UFO historian Aaron Gulyas back to the show to discuss his amazing new podcast The Saucer Life which focuses on the fascinating era of contactees and the proverbial realm of ‘vintage’ ufology.

We kick things off by first smashing the 4th wall as Binnall gushes about how awesome the new podcast is and we learn from Aaron about its unique format which is quite different from the sea of paranormal podcasts, including BoA, out there today.

Looking at some of the specific stories detailed on The Saucer Life, we delve into the tale of contactee Truman Bethurum, who weaved a fantastic tale of ET contact that seemed to really be an elaborate plan to make his wife jealous.

We then discuss one of Aaron’s favorite people in from fling saucer lore: Albert Bender, who actually only died last year and somehow managed to vanish from the UFO world a long, long time ago.

We then talk about one of the strangest UFO books ever written, by its sheer title alone: A UFO Appears in Pennsylvania, 1930: Many Tragedies Occur…the Same UFO Appears in Michigan, 1996

This leads us into talking about the evolution of ET experiences from contactees to abductees to whatever the hell is going on today. We then muse about flying saucer groups, like the Aetherius Society and Unarius, that somehow managed to survive to this day as well as the realm of UFO cults such as Heaven’s Gate.

We also somehow wind up going off on a tangent about the plight of libraries in today’s modern internet-dependent world.

And for folks looking for discussion about the latest in the world of UFOs, we spend the quarter of the live show talking about the Tom DeLonge ‘To the Stars Academy’ announcement from last week.

We look at the proposed company from a number of angles, including the controversial aspect of financial funding for the project, why people shouldn’t get too excited about the ‘insiders’ who ‘jumped ship’ from the DoD, how the Academy has yet to show any proof of concept, and the dangers of relying on Tom DeLonge to be the face of the whole operation.

Closing out the program, we spend the last 15 minutes or so talking about the Las Vegas shooting and conspiracy culture in general.

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Aaron Gulyas on BoA:Audio, Season X

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