Fresh off an incredible journey to Ireland, Fortean author and friend of BoA:Audio Joshua Cutchin joins us to tell tales of his adventure and share insights from his research into faerie lore.

In lieu of the bio / background, we have Josh bring us up to speed on what inspired his trip to Ireland and he tells us about how he and his wife traveled throughout the country on what sounded like a proverbial faerie tour de force.

He then details the phenomenon of faerie forts, the various types of ‘structures,’ and the folklore surrounding them. Binnall then jumps in with the kind of question your uncle would ask by pestering Josh about the difference between leprechauns and faeries, specifically in Ireland.

Getting back to faerie forts, Josh shares an amazing story about an odd quirk he noticed while investigating them in Ireland. He also tells the fantastic story of hopping an electric fence so that he could sneak onto a field and see a particularly intriguing faerie fort.

Continuing the faerie fort discussion, we learn about how there are thousands of them in Ireland, but rather hard to find when you are there. Binnall still won’t let go of the faeries versus leprechauns versus elves line of thought, so we delve back into classification system for a bit more.

Returning to Josh’s Ireland expedition, we find out if he tried to see any faerie lights, if the faerie forts in Ireland are tourist attractions, the possibility that some kind of ancient energy could have been imbued in these types of spots, and Josh’s penchant for leaving bread throughout Ireland.

Inspired by an Irishman who lectured Josh about American gun laws, we somehow wind up talking about that hot button topic in an odd side tangent.

The Ireland talk resumes with Josh telling us about his visit to Leap Castle and his exploration of its oubliette. Because Binnall is a consummate traveler, we get Josh’s review of the food and drink of Ireland as well as the stunning revelation that he’s never heard of ‘Mr. Belvedere.’

Nearing the close of the live program, we talk about the mind-blowing aspect of traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. This turns into talk about Josh’s forthcoming faerie book and how it really delves into the overall phenomenon of mysterious, folkloric child abductions.

In the post-live portion of the show, we begin by finding out what, if anything, people in Ireland had to say about the American political scene. This leads to a long conversation about the Las Vegas shooting and how this particular event has an eerie vibe about it that seems different from past events.

Going without a roadmap as we meander to the end of the show, we then talk about the then-impending Tom DeLonge press conference due to unfold the next day.

Wrapping up the program, we briefly delve into politics (sorry!), including Donald Trump’s weird boasts like how he ‘invented’ fake news as well as the whole controversy surrounding the NFL flag kneeling fiasco.

And in one last tangent, we reflect on the shocking death of Tom Petty which occurred during our off week.

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