Two conversations with two different people several years ago had me thinking, recently, on both the oddness and often randomness of UFO and esoteric studies.

Years ago, a woman contacted me about UFOs and aliens. She was extremely eager to talk with me. She lived here in Oregon. We spoke on the phone a couple of times. She was an older woman, a self-employed professional, religious (a Christian) and conservative in her views. Let’s say she was a real estate agent. One story she shared with me: that, while she had had UFO sightings as well as alien sightings — the grays — she had never shared that with anyone. The visitations plagued her. One day, in a home in rural Oregon with a client, sitting in the dining room and looking out the window, she saw a craft land, and several grays walking about. She was scared out of her mind. She had seen this before, but to have them here, in daylight, away from her home and out in the open at a stranger’s house … ! The person she was with saw them as well, and to both of their surprise, they discovered they shared many a strange experience involving UFOs and “aliens.”

We lost touch — I never heard from her again. Not sure why, or what happened, but after sharing such a completely surreal story, she was gone.

Another incident: a young man contacted me. He was a reporter for a local paper. He wanted to meet me and interview me about UFOs for an article on the subject. He told me he managed to convince the editor this would be interesting. We met, I was very open with the person and it was an interesting, yet oddly unsettling (I think it was him and the situation, for some reason, I just got a vibe that something wasn’t’ right) interview. He seemed eager, very friendly. Quite the fresh faced college type. He was open, he told me, to the subject of UFOs. He told me when the article was likely to appear.

The article never showed up in print. He never contacted me and I couldn’t find him anywhere. The paper didn’t list him as being on staff. I could have called and spoken with someone, but I never did.

Both of these were many many years ago. I was open and naive. Should I have called and checked resources and references before agreeing to the interview? How much is paranoia (and ego and diva-ness) and how much is simple caution? The woman who seemed to disappear – - maybe there was simply nothing more to be said; maybe she simply needed to reach out and share her incredible experiences with a stranger who would listen and not judge. Or, maybe, she was out of her mind. Another scenario: she could have been a manifestation of the trickster, or a government spook. Like the reporter.

Who knows. After all these years, impossible to say. Perfectly innocent and truthful, or something sinister or strange?


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