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BoA:Audio welcomes author Jeff Mudgett for a discussion on his great, great grandfather, Herman Webster Mudgett, who is more infamously known in the annals of crime history as H.H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer who took the lives of countless victims in the late 1800′s and horrified America with his twisted murders.

Additionally, he details his remarkable book Bloodstains, which adds a whole new dimension to the already unsettling story of H.H. Holmes. Over the course of the conversation, we cover Holmes’ penchant for acquiring assistants for his misdeed as well as a variety of mistresses, his notorious Chicago ‘murder castle,’ and Jeff’s theory that Holmes played a role in the Jack the Ripper killings.

A creepy and compelling edition of the program which attempts to take listeners into the mind of one of history’s most notorious serial killers as Jeff Mudgett discusses H.H. Holmes.

Complete recap as well as MP3 and Streaming Audio linkage here:

Jeff Mudgett on BoA:Audio, Season IX

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