In a special LIVE edition of the program, Greg Bishop returns to BoA:Audio for our annual autopsy of the esoteric year. We look back at the top stories of 2013, including the Edward Snowden NSA spying revelations, Bryan Sykes’ Yeti DNA project, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the Boston Bombing, and the Government Shutdown. We discuss what these stories might mean for the overall state of esoterica and the world as well as a whole host of side topics and tangents that spring off of these major events, like chemtrails, internet regulation, UFO contactee Albert Bender, crop circles, zeteticism, and gun control.

As is custom when Greg joins the program, the conversation is fast and loose while also brimming with provocative ideas and thought-provoking concepts.

A more detailed breakdown of the conversation as well as MP3s and Streaming Audio links can be found here …

Greg Bishop on BoA:Audio, Season 8 – 2013 Year-in-Review Special

And for the nostalgic folks in the audience, here is a back catalog of our previous Year-in-Review episodes …

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