For some months now I’ve been having dreams of dogs, mainly Black Dogs. Prior to Dog Visitations, I’ve had recurring dreams of White Wolf. Those dreams usually went like this:

A beautiful woman in her sixties or even older, long white hair, often nude, walks with a tall staff. Beside her is a large white wolf. It is clear I am to follow them. Neither one of them are threatening in any way. They don’t speak but somehow we understand each other. I follow them. We always end up on top of a high place; a cliff, on top of a mountain, on top of roofs. I am, in my waking life, terrified of heights (won’t even get on a step ladder without hysterics) but in the dream, I am not afraid.



These dreams have morphed a bit recently, where the older woman, still white haired, was fully clothed, and while maintaing the same energy, was more of a Miss Marple  type. In these later dreams, the White Wolf was now a dog, light colored, like a Golden Retriever. We walked along river banks, narrow and difficult to walk but again, I am not afraid. Again, I am to follow them.

Even more recently, I’ve been having dream of dogs and particularly Black Dogs. These dogs are always intelligent, non-threatening, and communicate telepathically. They are sent to me. Thing is, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them, or why they’ve been sent.

This morning I had an unusual experience, though I’ve had this kind of experience before. I call them “mind post cards” or “mind slides.” I am awake, and suddenly, an image snaps into my head. It just comes from out there, or nowhere, and pop! it’s inside my head. Clear, sharp, crystal and with the picture, the image, is thought, information. I know the story. The image “talks” to me though it rarely moves. (See my Trickster’s Realm column Green Warty…) So this morning, Black Dog comes to me in a mind slide. I am still in bed, but fully awake, had been awake for a good twenty minutes or so. Just too cozy to get out of bed. Thinking about the day ahead, getting my thoughts together, trying not to be rude to Jim who is trying to get my attention, ahem. When suddenly Black Dog pops right into my head. It was so vivid and strong it really startled me! When these mind-slides happen I often hear a pop or click in my head.

So, the question is, what is Dog trying to tell me?

The Black Dog figures  heavily in folklore and esoterica of course. Going over that here would take up volumes. But my first step in all this is to delve into that journey and explore what dog, wolf and especially Black Dog are about, and how it fits in with my life right now.

A huge job. So I thought I’d begin with Black Dog encounters within UFO events. A quick Google search reveals a lot! I also remember something Whitley Streiber wrote about Black Dogs in one of his books, I don’t recall the book or details.

So for the New Year, it looks like one of my new Fortean adventures will include delving into the Black Dog, particularly within a UFO context!


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