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BoA’s holiday tradition like no other continues with the 11th annual Ruxgiving special featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux. Over the course of the conversation, we find out what Bruce has been up to over the last year and discuss a myriad of topics including the state of the pandemic and vaccines, the current happenings with regards to the government and UFOs, a false flag alien invasion, climate change, the moon landing, billionaires in space, transhumanism, and then some lighter pop culture talk, wrapping up with our respective holiday plans. As one has come to expect from Ruxgiving, it’s generally the kind of chat one might expect when old friends meet up again over the holidays.

Plus, post-show, we’ll give you an update on MORE BoA coming soon as we finally launch our long-awaited ‘Winter of Weirdness.’

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Ruxgiving 2021 featuring Bruce Rux

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