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For an astounding 14th year, BoA:Audio celebrates the season with our annual Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman. In this year’s festivities, we find out about Stan’s unexpected retirement last year, hear about some memorable moments from his life as a college student in Chicago and on the road as a UFO researcher, and get his thoughts on the Bob Lazar renaissance of the last few weeks. Following that, as is custom, we field questions from BoA listeners on a number of topics, including Stan’s taste in music, the interstellar visitor Oumuamua, UFO cults, and the flying saucers on the White House lawn.

All told, it’s another festive edition of our holiday classic and we here at Binnall of America wish all of our amazing listeners a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

MP3s and Streaming Audio linkage here:

The 14th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman

We’ll be back in around 10 days for our annual Year-in-Review with Greg Bishop.

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