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Esoterica’s crackpost historian and longtime friend of BoA:Audio, Adam Gorightly returns to the program to discuss his new book Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society. Adam shares the amazing tale of how the book all came together and then provides listeners with a tremendously detailed history of how the Discordian Society started and subsequently evolved. He takes us through Operation Mindfuck as well as explains the Principia Discordia and how it changed over the years.

Adam also talks about the role Robert Anton Wilson had in spreading the ‘gospel’ of Discordianism as well as Discordian Society co-founder Kerry Thornley and his connection to the Kennedy Assassination mythos, specifically the investigation by Jim Garrison. Additionally, we reflect on how times have changed and how the Discordian Society was really a product of its time in many ways. We learn what became of the various ‘players’ in the creation of the Discordian Society as well as what Discordianism has become today.

Beyond all that, we discuss Grey Barker’s and how he shaped various stories in the world of the paranormal, including how he may have surreptitiously influenced John Keel’s account of the Mothman story. Adam also recounts the remarkable story of Ira Einhorn, a counter-culture player who had a hand in the creation of Earth Day, murdered his girlfriend, and then spent years hiding out in Europe. Closing out the esoteric discussion, Adam previews his next book, Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Oswald and the Garrison Investigation, due out on October 14th.

In the final 20 minutes of the program, we have our requisite NBA discussion that somehow got missed from the baseball special, where we find out how Adam became a basketball fan in the first place, why he is dangerous close to ditching the Lakers as his favorite team, his thoughts on LeBron James going back to Cleveland, and how to improve the NBA. We also get an update on his beloved San Francisco Giants as well.

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Adam Gorightly on BoA:Audio, Season 8

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