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WrestleMania Special
with Paul Kimball & Aaron Gulyas
(2 Hours, 55 Minutes)

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In something of an homage to the classic BoA:Audio Baseball Specials of yesteryear, old friends and diehard wrestling fans Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas join Binnall for an absolutely epic three-hour-long WrestleMania special.

Over the course of this monstrous conversation, we preview Sunday's big event and share our thoughts on each of the 14 different matches scheduled to take place at WrestleMania, providing our prediction on who will win and generally pontificating about how we think things will unfold.

If you're not a wrestling fan, this particular episode probably isn't for you, but, then again, you may enjoy hearing three buddies who happen to be paranormal pundits revealing the incredible depths of their wrestling fandom.

Paul, Aaron, and Binnall will be reunited this coming May in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the inaugural Esotericon which will also feature our friends Greg Bishop, Walter Bosley, Micah Hanks, and Ryan Sprague as well as the legendary Stanton Friedman in his final Canadian lecture. More details to be posted in the weeks to come here.

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