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BoA:Audio Finale BoA:Audio closes the book on Season X as well as our traditional seasonal format with an epic extravaganza recorded LIVE from the legendary French Quarter of New Orleans in the courtyard of the Starling Magickal Occult Shop. Befitting our final show for the foreseeable future, this is truly a one-of-a-kind edition of the program which features appearances by dear friends and former BoA:Audio guests as well as a bevy of longtime listeners.

CuChullaine O'Reilly In the penultimate edition of BoA:Audio, Season X, we welcome back one of the most talked-about guests ever featured on the program: CuChullaine O'Reilly, author of Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses.

WrestleMania Special In something of an homage to the classic BoA:Audio Baseball Specials of yesteryear, old friends and diehard wrestling fans Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas join Binnall for an absolutely epic three-hour-long WrestleMania special previewing and predicting the winners for all 14 of the matches at Sunday's big event.

Col. John Alexander BoA:Audio welcomes the amazing and fascinating Col. John Alexander for a discussion on his new book, Reality Denied, which details his decades-long examination of a vast array of paranormal and psi phenomena as well as his thoughts on how to properly study these perplexing realms.

Peter Robbins As our celebratory final season continues towards the end, we welcome back the first person in the paranormal who ever gave Binnall the time of day: beloved UFO researcher and author Peter Robbins. In this fast and loose conversation, we wax poet about the world of UFO research and the challenges of making it in this zany world as well as Peter's jaw-dropping journey through Asia and the Middle East in the early 1970's.

Kendall Carver BoA:Audio welcomes back to the program one of the most important guests we've ever featured on the show: Kendall Carver, chairman of the International Cruise Victims association. Topics included in this riveting conversation are the latest happenings when it comes to the ICV's attempts to get regulations imposed upon the cruise ship industry as well as the many diferent hidden dangers aboard these vessels.

William Zabel One of the most unforgettable guests to ever grace BoA:Audio, the irrepressible William Zabel returns to the show for another boisterous edition of the program. Topics covered during this marathon conversation include the Las Vegas shooting, Donald Trump and the Russian collusion conspiracy, William's plan to move to Germany, his days in Hollywood and much, much more.

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn BoA:Audio welcomes our old friend Dr. Tyler Kokjohn back to the program for an exploration of science-related topics. Among the areas of discussion during the program were the controversial CRISPR genome editing technology, stem cell research, autism, nanotechnology, Alexa & digital assistants, 23 and Me, sex robots, and the now-infamous Pentagon UFO program revelations from December.

Greg Bishop Wrapping up our traditional holiday programs, BoA:Audio joins forces with Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso for an absolutely epic two-night simulcast covering all the wild and crazy paranormal events of 2017. All of the big stories from the past year are covered in what amounts to a nearly four-hour long, two episode spectacular the likes of which has never been heard before!

Stanton FriedmanIn what has become a genuine tradition like no other, we proudly present the 13th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the incomparable 'Father of Modern Day Ufology,' Stanton Friedman. Featured on this year's special is an extended discussion on the epic New York Times UFO piece from the previous weekend as well as a bevy of listener questions.

Jeff Ritzmann & Jeremy VaeniAs a special holiday gift to paranormal podcast fans the world over, BoA:Audio reunites Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni for what we've taken to calling a 'Paratopia Christmas Party.' Mix up some spiked eggnog and enjoy JV,The Jeff, and Binnall as we celebrate the season and discuss what they've been up to over the last year or so, and questions about asking the 'big questions,' plus tons more.

Paul Kimball Filmmaker, paranormal pundit, and longtime friend of the program, Paul Kimball returns to BoA:Audio as part of our final season celebration. Discussing during this nearly three-hour-long conversation are Paul's return to ghost investigating, ufology, Canadian history, American politics, and the always-entertaining world of professional wrestling.

Bruce Rux As is custom on BoA:Audio, we celebrate Thanksgiving with the holiday tradition like no other: Ruxgiving featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux. Among the many topics discussed are remote viewing & Rosicrusians, Martian races & the Moon hoax theory, Tom DeLonge & UFO disinformation, alien abductions, the Las Vegas shooting, the new Egyptian void, plus tons more.

Adam Gorightly Investigative journalist, self-described 'crackpot' historian, and longtime friend of the program Adam Gorightly makes his triumphant return to BoA:Audio to help us celebrate our final season and talk about his role in the upcoming film, The Hill and the Hole, the weird modern world of dueling conspiracy theories, and the oddball characters that make up these camps.

Linda Godfrey In a special Halloween night edition of the program, BoA:Audio welcomes author and investigator Linda Godfrey for a discussion of bipedal canine cryptids, cases of odd portal events, and other spooky stories from her book Monsters Among Us, including hair-raising tales of weird ghostly visions and mysterious mists that seem to defy explanation.

Red Pill Junkie BoA:Audio welcomes back an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the world of the paranormal, Red Pill Junkie, for a truly mind-bending conversation that spans nearly three hours and coverse such diverse, but surprisingly related, topics as technology, spirituality, alchemy, UFOs, the nature of searching for answers to life's 'big questions,' and tons more.

Aaron Gulyas BoA:Audio welcomes the author and UFO historian Aaron Gulyas back to the show to discuss his amazing new podcast The Saucer Life which focuses on the fascinating era of contactees and the proverbial realm of 'vintage' ufology. Topics include Truman Bethurum, Albert Bender, weird UFO books, flying saucer groups, and reactions to the Tom DeLonge Academy announcenemt.

Joshua Cutchin Fresh off an incredible journey to Ireland, Fortean author and friend of BoA:Audio Joshua Cutchin joins us to tell tales of his adventure and share insights from his research into faerie lore. Topics include faerie forts and other intriguing monuments of Ireland, Josh's personal observations from the trip, and some discussion on currents which occurred while he was in Ireland.

Seth Breedlove Acclaimed documentary filmmaker and 2017 Golden Yeti winner Seth Breedlove joins us to talk about cryptids and the paranormal as well as how one documents such strangeness. Topics discussed included his production company, Small Town Monsters, his forthcoming film Invasion on Chestnut Ridge and his previous film The Mothman of Point Pleasant, plus tons more.

Wren Collier Emerging esoteric researcher and paranormal scholar Wren Collier joins BoA:Audio for an expansive conversation covering a fairly vast array of paranormal topics, including alternatives to the ETH, the challenges of space travel, his study and practice of the occult, ufology's lack of diversity, Bigfoot, Betty and Barney Hill, and how the human race realized we are 'alone.'

Steve Berg In one of the more unique episodes in our storied history, BoA:Audio welcomes actor, comedian, and longtime listener to the program, Steve Berg, for a raucous conversation about UFOs, the paranormal, life in Hollywood, and whatever else happened to come up over the course of nearly three hours.

Robert Schneck Author and collector of strange-but-true tales from American history, Robert Schneck, makes a long-overdue appearance on the program as we continue our series of first-time guests here on Season X. Topics discussed included the recent International Cryptozoology Conference, the Bye Bye Man film, 'Phantom Raiders,' and legendary 'Ape Canyon' tale, and tons more.

Mark O'Connell BoA:Audio examines one of our favorite topics over the years on the program: the history of UFO studies as we welcome Mark O'Connell, author of the amazing J. Allen Hynek biography The Close Encounters Man. Among the topics discussed are Hynek's evolution as a UFO researcher, Project Blue Book, Carl Sagan, the infamous 'Swamp Gas' case, and tons more.

Walter Bosley Delving into one of the more fascinating subcultures in esoterica today, BoA:Audio welcomes author Walter Bosley for a no-holds-barred look at the conspiracy theory and those who research it. Nearly impossible to fully recap, this marathon three-hour episode covers the world of 'SSP' from both an insider and outsider perspective.

Jack Brewer BoA:Audio deconstructs the world of UFO research with Jack Brewer, author of the outstanding book The Greys Were Framed. Over the course of this marathon conversation, we cover an astounding array of issues facing ufology that go beyond simply whether or not the ETH holds water.

Chris Balzano & Tim Weisberg Seasoned paranormal researchers Chris Balzano and Tim Weisberg return to BoA:Audio for a fourth-wall-smashing conversation which goes beyond spooky stories and, instead, centers on trends and developments in the overall field of ghost hunting and the paranormal in general.

Kenn Thomas BoA:Audio gets political, specifically parapolitical, as we welcome legendary conspiracy researcher and writer Kenn Thomas for a discussion on his new book, Trumpocalypse Now!, which examines how the 2016 election seemingly ushered in a new era of American thinking where conspiracy theories have become mainstream.

Greg and Dana Newkirk BoA:Audio welcomes Greg and Dana Newkirk back to the show for a discussion on their wildly popular Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, attempting to 3D scan haunted objects, ghosts and ghost hunting, Bigfoot, visiting the Bermuda Triangle, and a whole bunch of other weird stuff.

Jason Offutt Author, humorist, and connoisseur of creepiness, Jason Offutt joins us for an exploration of American monsters, notably the strange and unusual creatures and tales from a variety of states around the country, including California's Dark Watchers, Connecticut's Melonheads, the Menehune of Hawaii, Kentucky's Pope Lick Monster, the Squonk of Pennsylvania, and tons more.

Nick Redfern Prolific Fortean author Nick Redfern joins the program for a free-flowing conversation covering Roswell and ufology's reliance on the infamous event as its 'signature case,' Rendlesham, Tom DeLonge, the Collins Elite, Bigfoot and Bigfoot conspiracy theories, the afterlife, conspiracy theories, the transformative nature of the Internet, and tons more.

Loren Coleman The icon of cryptozoology, Loren Coleman joins BoA:Audio for a wide-ranging conversation covering a vast array of cryptozoological issues as well as issues surrounding the infamous copycat effect. Topics include: the International Cryptozoology Museum, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Tasmanian Tiger, Phantom Clowns, the Orang Pendek, and tons more.

Marie D. Jones Yet another longtime friend of the program returns to help us celebrate our final season as the extraordinary Marie D. Jones joins us for a paranormal news and fringe science jam session. Topics include: the latest scandals and strangeness from the world of ufology, evil & fallen angels, supervolcanoes, and San Diego sites to see.

Adam Davies Longtime friend of the program Adam Davies returns to BoA:Audio for a revisiting of his now-infamous 'Bigfoot portal' experience as well as a discussion on a variety of different oddities he has searched for around the world, including the Yeti, the Orang Pendek, and even ghosts at San Diego's Whaley House.

Micah Hanks Author and podcaster Micah Hanks returns to BoA:Audio for a good old fashioned paranormal jam session covering skeptics and skepticism, the UFO phenomenon, Bigfoot, how conspiracy theories have gone mainsteam and what that might mean, the awfulness of paranormal TV shows, and tons more.

Gian Quasar BoA:Audio delves into the realm of true crime with the incomparable Gian Quasar talking about the haunting CA cold case of serial predator the East Area Rapist / Original Nightstalker (EAR/ONS). And, in classic Gian Quasar fashion, we examine drill down into the case from a vast array of angles.

Jim Marrs It's the beginning of the end of the beginning as BoA:Audio sheds the seasonal format with an epic Season X. And, as it tradition, we welcome the legendary Jim Marrs for another classic BoA Audio conversation. In this exhaustive conversation, we discuss Jim's forthcoming book The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked the World.