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binnall speaks

A collection of media appearance by Tim Binnall

Karyn Dolan's Through the Keyhole


Two hour appearance discussing the premiere of BoA:Audio, Season IV, producing and developing the BoA:Audio program, and thoughts on today's esoteric scene.

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Adam Gorightly's Untamed Dimensions


Tim Binnall joins Adam to discuss the wild and wooly world of esoterica.

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Spooky Southcoast Radio Show


In-studio guest of the crew @ Spooky Southcoast. binnall talks about the return of BoA:Audio, Season III, his re-design of the spookysouthcoast.com website, reads a UFO story from Pravda, and asks guest Chris Balzano a question.

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Jeremy Vaeni's Culture of Contact


Fellow podcaster Tim Binnall of www.binallofamerica.com fame joins the podcast to talk about... well... anything and everything under the sun from Bigfoot to exopolitics. It's fast, it's loose, it's fun. This is the most carefree podcast CoC has ever committed to the internets!

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The Blue Rose Report


Paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall of BinnallOfAmerica.com joins us on the show to kick off Anomaly Radio’s new Fall Lineup. This Wednesday will feature a nearly twenty hour Marathon of past Binnall of America podcasts rebroadcast on Anomaly Radio. The shows rebroadcast during the Marathon are those personal favorites chosen by Tim Binnall.

Join us Wednesday night as we interview Tim and learn about his quest to explore the paranormal and parapolitical through his own show, Binnall of America.

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Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso


Tim Binnall of Binnall of America will be my guest tonight on Radio Misterioso from 8-10 PM PST at killradio.org. Tim has been broad- and podcasting his innovative show since 2005, taking parnormal radio into the 21st century. Binnall Of America has hosted everyone from Stanton Friedman to Colm “Skinwalker ranch” Kelleher to Stephen Bassett. I knew he would do well when I was one of his first guests and discovered to my delight that I was encouraged to talk about anything I wanted, and even (gasp) challenged on some of my views and opinions.

This is rare to nonexistent on almost all parnormal talk shows, where the norm is some kind of Inside the Actor’s Studio obseqeuousness. If guests can’t be contradicted or at least questioned on how they arrived at their sometimes seemingly outlandish views, how can we even start to believe them? Tim bravely goes where other hosts fear to tread, yet manages to keep the tone respectful and insightful. We’ll try to keep to this standard tonight.

Red Ice Creations Radio


We are joined by Tim Binnall, founder of binnallofamerica.com and host of Binnall of America:Audio, to talk about the field of UFOlogy. We'll begin to talk about Tim, his background and what first sparked his interest in this field. We talk about his website and his weekly radio show and how it all got started. Then we'll talk about a few of the most recent UFO sightings like the one over O'Hare airport in Chicago and "the Phoenix Lights 2" just a few day's ago, and we'll get Tim's take on those. What are some of Tim's favorite sightings and does he favor and particular theory over another, concerning the UFO phenomena? We also address what is known as the "Fake Alien Threat", if it's necessary to connect Aliens or ET's with UFO's and a whole lot more.