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BOA : Audio

*Double Episode*

Paul Kimball /
BoA On-Site at the
East Coast ParaCon

(3 Hours, 51 Minutes)

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In a very special double episode showcase, BoA:Audio presents our epic East Coast ParaCon recap / report featuring filmmaker and friend Paul Kimball helping us to break down the festivities as well as a whole bunch of on-site interviews which were conducted at the event. Over the course of our extensive conversation with Paul, we take listeners moment by moment through the East Coast ParaCon and share numerous stories about the presentations, vendors, attendees, and other assorted moments and minutiae of the event. Additionally, we revisit Binnall's journey to Canada which was dubbed the BoA Canadian Invasion. A vast array of photos from the conference and the vacation can be found at #BoACanadianInvasion.

As if that wasn't enough, in our 2nd episode, we've got on-site interviews from the event featuring Loren Coleman, Stanton Friedman, vendors Andrea Sahadith and Phil Crosby, and ghost investigation leader Kelly Connolly. Plus, snippets from Binnall's ghost hunt featuring the soon-to-be-legendary Barry.

A veritable poutine of paranormal radio, boasting a comprehensive first-hand account of Liverpool, Nova Scotia's East Coast ParaCon with Paul Kimball, on-site interviews with a wide variety of folks who attended the event, and the usual odd side tangents which sprung from BoA's Canadian Invasion.

Recap: We kick things off with Paul providing an update on his adventures since the last time we heard from him on BoA:Audio. We then get right into the jam session recap of the weekend, beginning with some general reflections on the East Coast ParaCon as a whole and the awesome vibe of the event, which imbued a sense of grounded wonderment into the proceedings. Paul provides some great recaps of the presentations that Binnall missed while playing in the vendor area, including Canada's Angel Lady, Karen Forrest.

We then circle back to the beginning of the Binnall's Canadian invasion, which starts with him arriving in Aulac, New Brunswick and meeting Kimball as an Irving Big Stop gas station. We then go on a side tangent about Paul's reticence to ever get a cell phone, turning the conversation into 'old man radio' as we lament the rise of texting and GPS. We then return to the narrative of Binnall's stay in the hipster district of Halifax, which featured an awesome hotel and burger restaurant. We also put over author Graham Simms, who was a kindly guide to Halifax during the Canadian Invasion. This all circles back to Binnall getting lost in Halifax because his cell phone died and he could not remember the name of his hotel. Binnall also puts over the healthy women of Halifax.

Continuing the coverage of the weekend, we briefly talk about how our trip from Halifax to Liverpool included a visit to UNESCO heritage site Lunenbourg, Nova Scotia which was derailed by a wrestling debate and some talk about the pervasive restaurant Tim Horton's. The story then takes Paul and Binnall to Liverpool, where the East Coast ParaCon was held. We recap Friday night's meet and greet, which included a fantastic Mi'kmaq smudge ceremony by Melissa Labrador to kick off the event as well as lots of time for face time with the speakers at the event. After that, we talk about the ghost hunts which were offered at the event on Friday and Saturday night. We also briefly discuss Paul and Binnall exploring Liverpool on Friday night and finding the town's bowling alley / pub.

This takes us to Saturday's events, which featured the most presentations, including an author's panel that was missed, but some cool downtime with Loren Coleman and Stan Friedman for Binnall. Paul then provides his thoughts on Loren's presentation, having seen him live for the first time. This segues into Binnall reflecting on majesty that was the vendor room and how it featured a wide variety of interactive experiences, such as a voice analysis reading by the folks from Clearly Conscious. Returning to Saturday's events, we talk then talk about Stan Friedman's presentation and we also provide some cool 'backstage' observations about his lecture. Paul then recaps the presentation by Laurie Glenn Norris and Barbara Thompson, who discussed the Esther Cox poltergeist mystery, which closed out Saturday's events at the hotel.

Wrapping up the events of Saturday, we recap the late night ghost hunt which took place at the Astor Theater from 10 PM to 2 AM and was Binnall's first investigation and Paul's return to the fold. As a seasoned ghost hunter, Paul provides his perspective on the evening's events and then Binnall, as a ghost hunting neophyte, gives his take on the night's activities. We then talk a bit about the 'lights out' aspect of this particular ghost hunt and then Binnall shares his story of befriending a fellow ghost hunter named Barry, who Binnall briefly thought may have been a ghost. We also talk about the process of 'talking' to ghosts and how Kelly Connolly, who led the investigation, had a unique method of speaking to these possible entities.

We then revisit Sunday's events and Paul reflects on his presentation from that morning, providing some perspective on what he thought worked and some aspects he'd change as well as the ironic aspect of Stan running Paul's slide projector for the presentation. Paul also shares a weird synchronicity involving Stan Friedman and the moon hoax theory. This leads to Binnall's hotel synchronicity from the weekend as well as the long-awaited tale of Binnall getting gonged at the event's vendor area. We then wrap up our discussion of the event with some final thoughts on the East Coast ParaCon, including Binnall serving as Stan Friedman's roadie and the subsequent roadtrip for Paul, Stan, and Binnall going back to Halifax.

In our post live show chat, Binnall then gets Paul to explain or extrapolate on some of the stranger cultural aspects of Canada that he discovered while visiting, beginning with Canada's eradication of the penny and their weird pricing system which relies on rounding to the nearest nickle. We also get to the bottom of what appeared to be Canada's lack of "bless you" in response to sneezes. Binnall then shares his synchronistic pair of meetings with a unique couple that he met on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island. We also discuss the Canadian delicacy poutine, Kimball's distaste for lobster and shellfish, and the amazing view of the sky on PEI where it is seemingly devoid of light pollution.


After our lengthy conversation with Paul, we've also included a number of on-site interviews that were recorded at the East Coast ParaCon as well as, between the segments, some snippets of fun from ghost hunting with Barry.

We begin with cryptozoologist extraordinaire Loren Coleman, who joins us to discuss the importance of historical documentation for cryptids as opposed to more modern YouTube reports. We also get Loren's take on the current 'temperature' in Bigfoot research, including the rise in contactee cases, as well as where we are it with the Bigfoot pop culture boom. Additionally, Loren talks about the state of using DNA in the search for Bigfoot and provides an update on his International Cryptozoology Museum which is now hosting a temporary exhibition of the famed Minnesota Ice Man.

Next, Binnall explores the vendor's area and speaks with Andrea Sahadith, who discusses her work with voice analysis. She explains how her voice analysis system works and where she first learned about sound analysis. Andrea also details the benefits of using an energetic speaker to play sounds which help cleanse the air and can add healing frequencies into the air. Binnall then undergoes a sound analysis of his voice and Andrea examines his sample to determine what it indicates about him.

Following that, the incomparable Stanton Friedman joins us for another on-site conversation where we query Stan on how it ended up that the Roswell story made national news for a few days in 1947, but then seemed to vanish from consciousness until he discovered it in the late 1970's. This lead to some musing about the role of luck in UFO research as well as Stan's interest in what the Navy might know about UFOs. We also get Stan's take on the Roswell Slides fiasco and how people are still using the event as a way of getting attention as well as the latest developments in the SETI field and how the New Horizons spacecraft that went to Pluto was actually nuclear powered.

Going back to the vendor area, Binnall talks to Phil Crosby, of Sound Beings, who details his work with sound healing via massive gongs. We also learn how he learned about using gongs for sound healing in the UK and traveling throughout Canada with massive gongs. We then take a break for Binnall to get gonged and return to the conversation as a disoriented Binnall attempts to figure out what just happened and also gets to briefly work the gong.

And, in our final segment, Kelly Connolly, of the Crossed Over Paranormal Society, joins us to tell us about the East Coast ParaCon, beginning with her initial interest in the paranormal and how she ended up becoming a ghost investigator. We also get some clarification on the 'lights out' aspect of the COPS ghost investigation style. Kelly shares some of the more weirder stuff her group has experienced on an investigation as well as evidence collected from these pursuits.

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