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Chip Coffey

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BoA:Audio ventures to yet another paranormal realm which we've neglected for far too long as we welcome world-renowned psychic and medium Chip Coffey for a conversation about psychic abilities and communicating with the 'other side' as well as skeptics and the genre of paranormal television. Over the course of this brisk and lively conversation, we explore the nature of Chip's gift and what he says to those who don't believe in his abilities as well as his battles with skeptics who have taken amazing steps to try and debunk him. We also delve into Chip's work on paranormal television programs like Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, getting his response to critics of these reality TV shows as well as thoughts on the genre as a whole.

Altogether a spirited edition of the program which takes a critical but open minded at the elusive world of psychic abilities and mediumship with the wildly entertaining Chip Coffey.

On August 7th, 8th, and 9th, Chip will be appearing at the East Coast ParaCon in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Also appearing at the event will be frequent BoA:Audio guests Stan Friedman, Loren Coleman, and Paul Kimball. In the audience will be a vacationing Tim Binnall.

Recap: We begin the conversation with some bio/background information on Chip Coffey, finding out about how his family seems to have a rich history of psychic abilities and how Chip was actually born during a near-death experience. He also recounts weird psychic abilities he displayed early in childhood. We also learn about how he went from having these childhood experiences to ultimately becoming a world-renowned psychic and medium. Chip also muses about how he prefers using the term 'gift' regarding his abilities rather than the more grandiose term 'psychic powers.'

We then discuss belief and how Chip isn't focused on making people believe in his abilities. This turns into some talk about how psychics can sometimes be seen less as people and more as instruments to be used by those trying to unlock secrets from the 'other side.' Chip then explains how he utilizes his psychic ability and manages to turn it on and off. Following that, we get Chip's thoughts on how psychic abilities may work as well as whether he's ever done any lab testing on his skills.

Next Chip provides some insight into the nature of messages he receives and how he imparts these to his clients. We then have him explain the difference between a psychic and medium as well as if he feels different when he is utilizing these two skill sets. Following that, we have Chip enlighten us to the nature of spirit guides and guardian angels. He also tells us about his specific relationship with these entities who help him with his work and how he interacts with these spirits.

The conversation then turns towards skeptics and Chip explains why he doesn't enjoy dealing with them as well as how they continually seem to use underhanded tactics to attack him. This turns into some discussion of how a group of skeptics tried to hijack one of his events in California and Chip ended up turning the tables on them. He also stresses how truly sickening some of these attempts to 'fool' Chip were. We also talk about the sad mindset of the skeptics who have no belief system and also try to destroy everyone else's belief systems.

Staying on the topic of skeptics and critics, Chip then talks about his role on the show Paranormal State and responds to accusations surrounding fakery on the program. Chip goes on to explain a bit about how reality shows are made, specifically the ones he has appeared on, and actual the degree to which scenes are scripted. Moving away from evil people and looking at just evil, in general, we find out if Chip has had any interactions with darker spirits or psychic forces. Chip tells us about an upcoming TV special called Exorcism Live which will air in October.

Getting meta on Chip's work, we find out what it is like for him to make media appearances where he's expected to 'perform' for programs. Beyond that, we talk about Chip's lighthearted attitude about the supernatural and how that perspective can be helpful in getting people to open their minds to the strange and unusual. This segues into Chip's fear of aliens and how they "scare the shit" out of him. We then talk about how it seems like psychic medium programs were extremely popular a few years ago but seem to be less prolific than they once had been.

Continuing our meta look at the world of the paranormal, we get Chip's opinion on the explosion of ghost hunting, especially since, in light of his abilities, he does not seem to have any trouble finding ghosts. Chip details how he believes the connection between humans and ghosts requires some kind of shared energy between the living and the dead. In light of Chip's extensive work with television networks, we get his perspective on how coverage of the paranormal is far more the subject to business decisions rather than an anti-paranormal agenda.

Heading toward the close of the conversation, we learn about how Paranormal Kids came about via an episode of Paranormal State. We also learn about Chip's new web series which he is currently producing. Getting back to the question of what happens after death, we ask Chip if humanity will ever unlock that secret. Closing out the program, we discuss the East Coast ParaCon which will be held on August 7th, 8th, and 9th in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, featuring Chip, Loren Coleman, Stan Friedman, Paul Kimball, and a vacationing Binnall in attendance.

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