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Carl DeMarco

(2 Hours, 40 Minutes)

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Continuing our international expedition of the last few weeks, BoA:Audio journeys to China in a wholly unique edition of the program as we welcomes Carl DeMarco, a longtime listener to the program who has lived in China for over a decade and accepted our challenge to research some paranormal material from the country that had eluded us for so long.

Over the course of this expansive conversation that clocks in at nearly three hours, Carl shares a wealth of truly weird, spooky, and campfire-worthy Chinese ghost stories as well as details about a puzzling and unsettling entity known as a Jiangshi. Additionally, he reports on the history of the Yeren and how the creature seems to date back thousands of years as well as a massive breakdown of a Chinese paranormal TV program known as 'Classical Legends,' which covered a whole host of weird UFO activity around the area of Xinjiang. Plus lots of cool observations about China from the unique perspective of an American expatriate who is living there.

A highly entertaining and insightful edition of the program which also provides a personal take on the paranormal in China with Carl DeMarco, BoA:Audio's correspondent in the Middle King-dom.

Recap: We kick things off by getting the bio/background on Carl DeMarco and learning about how he ended up both in China and with an interest in the paranormal. Carl takes us on his journey from tourist in China to becoming a teacher there for over 20 years. Additionally, Carl details how ghost visitations seem to have plagued his family for years and how a childhood illness inadvertently led to his interest in the paranormal. We also have him detail how, exactly, a dude from Washington ends up teaching English in China for 20 years.

We begin our exploration of the paranormal in China by finding out about how Carl's first job there was teaching English at a haunted college and he recounts how he first found this out, how the locals treated this location, and the really odd things that happened there while he was staying at the school. This leads into some insight into how the Chinese view the phenomenon of ghosts. We then circle back a bit and find out more about what it is like living in China as an American and Carl shares a weird story about being questioned as to why he was living there.

Staying within the realm of ghostly happenings in China, Carl talks about how he then moved to another building that was haunted and shares a terrifying experience which befell his friends who were also living in the building. Carl then shares some ghost stories that were collected on the popular Chinese social media site Weixin. This leads to some side discussion on the nature of the Internet in China and how regulated it truly is. We then get back to hearing ghost stories from Weixin.

Moving beyond ghosts, Carl then tells us about the Jiangshi of China, which is an entity similar to a combined zombie and vampire. He gives us an amazing look at the many stages of evolution which the Jiangshi are said to experience. After detailing the increasingly bizarre and unsettling variations of the Jiangshi, he then tells us what methods are said to work best to protect against the entities.

Getting into the cryptozoological realm, Carl then details his research into the Yeren, which is China's version of Bigfoot. He tells us about a mysterious researcher who refused to allow Carl to tell us about his research on the program. He then explains how accounts of the Yeren appear to go back for centuries and he shares one such account from, stunningly, 1024 B.C. We also find out what distinguishes the Yeren from its North American counterparts as well as efforts to identify the creature during the late 20th century.

Next we discuss the Chinese TV program 'Classical Legends,' specifically one episode that details an area of China which boasted several UFO incidents as well as an odd lake monster sighting. It begins with Carl telling us about the Xinjiang region of China and the Uyghur people that live there. Then he recounts a UFO sighting which occurred over the area. This leads to us hearing about the Kanas Lake Monster which was seemingly hanging around during the UFO sighting. The twisting story then turns to a weird repeatability of the UFO and images of the craft.

Nearing the end of the program, we find out, in light of Carl's long time in China, what he thinks the tenor of UFO research is in that country. Binnall then tasks Carl with a new research project from China. We then hear another UFO tale about a disgraced Opium Wars general in 1845, seriously, and possibly 10,000 year old cave paintings that seemingly depict a rocket ship. We close out the program with Carl telling a mind bending story which was told to him by one of his students, Albee, who actually composed it in English for him.

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