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Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman

(1 Hour, 43 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio sits down for another round of rousing and informative conversation with the prolific pairing behind a slew of excellent paranormal books and our old friends Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman, for a discussion on their latest work: Mind Wars, which explores a vast array of means and methods used to manipulate peoples' thoughts and actions. Over the course of this spirited conversation, we discuss MK-Ultra, everyday mind control techniques which people may experience, and the strangeness of cults.

We also delve into the world of 'Targeted Individuals' and their alleged plight as well as strange phenomena like gang stalking, street theater, and the mind control technique known as gaslighting. And, of course, tons and tons more, including some ranting about Facebook and social media as well as some brief thoughts, at the end of the program, on the debacle that was the Roswell Slide(s) fiasco.

Altogether, it's yet another wild edition of BoA:Audio as we present our annual conversation with the always-enlightening Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman.

Highlights: We kick things off by learning a bit about how Mind Wars stands a bit of a departure from their previous books, which looked at mostly cutting edge science, and spans a variety of genres ranging from true crime to current events. Jumping into mind control, we first examine the conspiracy world's most infamous instance of such antics: MK-Ultra. This segues into some discussion on how mind control can also take on a deeply personal level, where people with certain mind sets and personality quirks attempt to control the world around them.

Somehow we end up determining that a good marriage is made of a constant flux between Stockholm and Lina Syndrome. This leads into some talk about ritual and Satanic abuse as well as how these crimes often happen outside of some larger conspiracy and are just the result of twisted people. Next we talk about cults and Larry reflects on how a lot of mainstream institutions actually are as much a cult as some of the more nefarious organizations tabbed with the label. Staying on the topic of cults, we get meta and reflect on how cults are, at the end of the day, kind of fun to talk about and explore.

Next we discuss the unsettling subculture of 'Targeted Individuals' and learn about people who insist that they are being harassed, via advanced technology and human assets, by nefarious forces. In turn, Larry offers a spirited rebuttal for many claims in the 'TI community,' while Marie shares her own experience with strange sounds seemingly being beamed at her head during the making of this book. In turn, we have a lively exchange over how possible it is for the average person to electronically harass someone else and whether the government would really devote the time and energy for such a project.

The banter then results in us reflecting on how the government may be unable to use these 'super weapons' on average Americans because of the backlash it would cause. We then discuss three mind control concepts or buzzwords: gang stalking and street theater as well as gaslighting. This leads to us talking about the nature of reality and how the Internet has given way to more individuality as well as more means of control and manipulation. Within that tangent, we end up ranting about Facebook and how we have entered an age of press releases and personal billboards.

Nearing the close of the conversation, the social media discussion continues as Larry gives us some truly scary details about the vast amount of data that is being collected by both the government and bought by corporations. We then wrap up the formal conversation by finding out what's next for Marie and Larry, including a fiction book due in November as well as another probably powerhouse paranormal book on viruses. And, since it was the big news of the week, we spend the final few minutes talking about the Roswell Slide(s) unveiling from a few days ago as well as fraud in the paranormal community.

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