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BOA : Audio

Dana Matthews
& Greg Newkirk

(2 Hours, 2 Minutes)

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Paranormal adventurers Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk join BoA:Audio to talk about their investigations into high strangeness as well as their traveling museum of odd curios. Some specific areas of discussion include their ongoing and longstanding search for answers concerning the Kentucky goblins, aliens and alien abductions, their seance project involving John Tenney, and the weird black mirror found in their Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult.

Along the way, we smash the 4th wall to talk about Dana's stint as a reality TV ghosthunter, their evolution from researching ghosts to just general weirdness, the state of paranormal research today with it moving towards 'hunting' rather than researching, the prospect of putting your brain in a computer and living forever, people who love science but don't seem to know anything, Don Knotts, and other odd sideroads and tangents.

An extremely easy-going while also thoughtful edition of the program that contains a lot of laughs and plenty of food for thought.

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