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*Season Premiere*

Jim Marrs

(1 Hour, 28 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio launches another armada of esoteric conversations with our traditional Season Premiere guest and bellwether of the conspiratorial and paranormal: the legendary Jim Marrs. Amongst the many topics covered throughout this brisk exchange are population control, the encroachment of technology, ISIS & Charlie Hebdo, geopolitical unease, the military industrial complex, MH370, UFOs, 9/11, and the JFK assassination as well as much, much more. Both pleasantly familiar and unsettling in its familiarity, it's another 'time capsule' edition of BoA:Audio as we commence on the journey of Season IX.

Recap: We begin the conversation by finding out about Jim's forthcoming new book, titled Population Control which should be arriving sometime this Spring. This leads to Jim talking a bit about some of the topics which will be covered in Population Control and we muse about the proliferation of cell phones along with the potential long term health dangers they pose to the population. This segues into finding out what Jim's been up to since he joined us for the Season 8 premiere and he reflects on the nature of his work investigating the nefarious deeds of the 'powers that be.'

This leads to some reflection on all the years we've been chatting on BoA and how it seems like more people are 'waking up' every year, but things have still not reached a tipping point to make a difference in thwarting the plans of the proverbial conspirators. From there, we talk about the longstanding theory that ETs are the next manufactured'menace' facing humanity as well as the increase in technological capabilities possessed by those who wish to control the planet and how that has ironically led to greater cynicism from the public.

Jumping into some specifics from the world today, we first talk about the Charlie Hebdo shootings, expand the discussion to include the rise of ISIS, and find out what Jim thinks about the latest developments in the 'war on terror.' We then divert into a tributary of discussion surrounding Internet security issues which may lead to greater control and regulation of the world wide web. We then muse about problems with schooling in the United States as well as how American schools are conditioning kids for a world with greater authoritarian control.

From there, we discuss how it seems like there are now dual threats in both America and on a geopolitical front. This turns into some talk about how the military and defense industry appear to be driving the policies of the United States at this point, which leads to us talking about the recent drop in oil prices and what that might mean in the big picture of the NWO. Jim then tells about the nations that seem to be setting themselves up to channel America and the dollar for control of the world economy.

Moving onto other topics, we get Jim's take on the MH370 disappearance mystery from last year which results in us talking about how the media still refuses to embrace the UFO coverup despite how it would likely lead to massive interest. After that, we revisit the Snowden revelations and whether or not Jim thinks the entire story was actually orchestrated or allowed to happen by the power brokers. In light of the many protest gatherings which have erupted in the last few years, we have Jim tell us about such protests from the 1960's and what made them different from the events of today.

Next, Jim paints a frightening picture of the crossroads which the world seems to be on the verge of encountering. He also recalls how the public perspective on law enforcement has changed over the years as has the overreaching of agencies like the FBI. We then revisit 9/11, getting an update from Jim on the latest developments in the quest to find out what exactly happened on that tragic day and who may have been behind it. We also confront the issue of whether or not the perpetrators of the attack will ever be brought to justice.

Nearing the end of the program, we find out what Jim thinks of the increased public interest in space exploration and what it might mean both for the future as well as the NWO agenda. Circling back to Jim's forthcoming new book Population Control, he reveals the original title he wanted for the book and also tells us some scary stuff people should be worried about. This leads to talk about population control, in general, and if there are any discernable trends which suggest the 'powers that be' are succeeding in their attempts to 'cull the herd.' Wrapping up the conversation, we muse about the potential future for all of us, learn a bit about the re-issue of Crossfire, and reflect on how Jim's work has evolved over the years.

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