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Adam Davies

(2 Hour, 30 Minutes)

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Wrapping up our series of annual episodes, we welcome acclaimed cryptozoologist and extreme explorer Adam Davies for a conversation about his 2011 expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang Pendek. We'll talk about the growing evidence and scientific support for the reality of the creature as well as get an in-depth recounting of Adam's journey to Sumatra this past year. We'll find out how the expedition differed from the trips of previous years as well as the evidence collected on this recent visit to Sumatra. Along the way, we'll talk about the drawbacks of eyewitness sightings of the creature, the buzz surrounding Orang Pendek in recent years, the passing of Adam's Sumatran guide Sahar, and the contributions of longtime Orang Pendek researcher Debbie Martyr. Additionally, we'll discuss sea serpents and the North American Bigfoot as well.

As is custom when Adam Davies visits the show, it's a fast, loose, candid, and highly informative conversation that will bring the listeners right to the very razor's edge of Orang Pendek research.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out why Adam, after considering a break of Orang Pendek expeditions, eventually decided to take another trip to Sumatra in 2011 in search of the creature. He also talks about aspects that made the 2011 trip unique and unlike his previous journeys to the jungle. We then reflect on how Adam's expeditions to Sumatra have evolved over the years up until this year's trip which was considerably elaborate and technological. We also discuss how there appears to be some serious momentum behind Adam's Orang Pendek research and a strong buzz in both the cryptozoological community and in the mainstream.

Adam talks about his article in the EdgeScience journal which declared the Orang Pendek a new species and details the evidence which lead him to this conclusion. We also take a brief break in the narrative to go back and define the Orang Pendek for newcomers to Adam's appearances on BoA:Audio. From there, we talk about how things have changed in Sumatra, both with regards to the Orang Pendek as well as modernization, since Adam first went to the island. This leads to some discussion on how the animal may be threatened by encroaching human development.

We then dig deeper into the 2011 Sumatran Expedition, beginning with the original impetus behind the trip. We examine the logistics of the trip and how the members were actually split up into two teams with little communication over the course of many days. In talking about the issue of evidence, we talk about how eyewitness sightings are tantalizing for the individual but offer little to no value with regards to the overarching quest to prove the Orang Pendek's existence.

Next we find out about the evidence collected by the teams during the expedition, including potential DNA evidence as well as new footprint casts. Adam gives us a tremendous first-hand description of how and when they found the evidence in the jungle. This leads to Adam talking about some of the eminent scientists who are now working on the potential Orang Pendek DNA and how this turn of events indicates the increasing mainstream acceptance of the creature. We find out if there is a timetable on the DNA results as well as if the new DNA will be compared to previous potential Orang Pendek DNA samples.

This leads to some talk about the recent snub-nosed monkey photo / body and how the situation may mirror the quest to solve the Orang Pendek mystery. This leads to some discussion on the age-old cryptozoology argument about how valuable a body is to the ultimate proof of a creature's existence. Getting back to specifics of the 2011 expedition, we find out how Adam felt about returning to the jungle once again and how he is actually becoming kind of familiar with the place. We also find out if there were any perilous moments during this recent trip. Wrapping up general discussion on the 2011 expedition, we find out about a new trend in Orang Pendek sightings which indicates additional potential for proving the reality of the creature.

Adam then remembers his longtime Sumatran tracker and good friend, Sahar, who passed away shortly after this year's expedition. He shares how he heard the sad news about Sahar's passing and also recalls one of his favorite Sahar stories which really captures his personality and sense of humor. Looking at another researcher who has been in Sumatra for a long time, Debbie Martyr, Adam details her story and how she fits into the Orang Pendek mythos.

Taking a broad look at 2012, we look at the three potential trips that Adam has on the drawing board for the next 18 months. This leads to some discussion on Adam's eventual arrival in America to stalk Sasquatch. We also talk about Adam's other potential future trip: a return to Seljord in search of the Seljord Serpent. Adam recalls his original sighting of the sea creature and also talks about his skepticism surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. In light of the Seljord Serpent being a sea creature, we talk about the problems associated with getting evidence for that type of creature as opposed to a land animal.

Heading towards the close, Adam muses about how proving the existence of the Orang Pendek could teach us a lot about our own humanity and evolution. Getting meta on bipedal primates, we get Adam's thoughts on the interdimensional / paranormal theories about these creatures. We also find out about the BBC's continued interest in Adam's work and when we may see some development on that front. He also reflects on how he adjusts his expeditions to account for the varying degrees of involvement by TV companies. Nearing the end, we talk about whether there has been any pushback from the zoological community with regards to the Orang Pendek. Wrapping up the conversation, we reflect on how Adam's work has done an amazing job of raising the awareness surrounding the Orang Pendek and made it one of the hottest cryptids in the field today. And, finally, we find out about a potential sequel to Adam's book Extreme Expeditions.

Adam Davies Bio

Adam Davies has tracked so called Mysterious Creatures all over the globe. His adventures include being shot at in the Congo whilst looking for the Mokele –Membe the Congo dinosaur, and being arrested by the Mongolian army as a spy whilst hunting the fabled Death Worm!

Adam sincerely believes that some but not all of these fabled creatures exist, and embarks on filed research in order to substantiate this. He has also had some fantastic successes, with scientists confirming his finds as "remarkable" and "astonishing" in the case of both the Sumatran Yeti and Norway’s Nessie.

Remarkably to date, Adam’s expeditions have been entirely self funded. He has been featured and or presented some very enjoyable documentaries including "Russian Bigfoot" on the National Geographic Channel and "The Real Hobbit" and "China's Wildman" on the History Channel's Monster Quest series. Adam would love to pursue his passion full time, but at present works as a Civil Servant in Manchester U.K.

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