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Here's a brief recap of the speaker's lectures and workshops that I attended at the X-Conference ...

Saturday :

1>Dr. Michael Salla gave a solid cursory view of the world of exopolitics, essentially hitting the major moments in political history that may have been influenced by the UFO phenomenon.

2>Richard Dolan detailed the similar subject of the National Security State and UFOs. I had to slip out halfway to catch the Jim Marrs lecture.

3>Jim Marrs spoke about the Ormus elements and white powder gold, briefly touched on the Roswell ghosts story, and gave a thorough speech on Remote Viewing, it's history, it's relation to UFOs, and his work in RV. On Sunday he lectured on the secret society connection to the UFO phenomenon, it's potential roots in ancient times and it's status today.

4>Stanton Friedman went through his usual methodical style of refuting the many methods and theories that debunkers use to disprove and downplay the UFO phenomenon.

5>Dr. Stephen Greer did a Q & A with the audience of his workshop and discussed the Disclosure Project. Greer was very humorous, more so than I expected and his arms were enormous, numerous people mentioned this. He must be a gym rat or something. He talked about being harassed by the gov't, finding witnesses, and how he got involved in the disclosure movement. There seemed to be a lot of press at this lecture, though I was sitting between two people from the press taking notes (which I, of course, read), so my perception may be skewed.

7> Richard C. Hoagland discussed the history of the NASA program, Disney's role in shaping the mindset of American's to become interested in space, Prohect Paperclip, the moon missions, present day missions, and the Space Initiative. He finished up by making his case for his idea of eliminating NASA and creating a cabinet position to take over it's duties.

8>At the evening's dinner banquet, Stephen Bassett first presented RCH with a birthday cake (it was his birthday) that featured a very cool depiction of "the face". He proceded to give a great keynote address about Disclosure, exopolitics, the Washington scene, and the mood and future of ufology. Probably one of the best of the speakers I'd heard, because he seemed so genuine and managed to connect w. my feelings on the subject of ufology very well. He then gave out a bunch of awards and inducted Stanton Friedman and J. Allen Hynek into the Paradigm Research Group Hall of Fame. No word on if Hoagland's gambling on the origins of the Face will prohibit him from induction.

Sunday :

1>Peter Robbins detailed the strange case of the death of James Forrestal, purported original member of MJ12.

2>Phil Corso Jr. said that the Roswell crash of 1947 caused a time line schism and that we (the human race) must create and send a Roswell ship back to that time to crash by 2030 or else the time schism will skip back to the original time line and it will be bad. (This was VERY confusing, but the workshop was Q & A and he extolled more on this theory (?) there.) My recap here was from memory of the "gist" of what he said there.

2b>William Birnes extrapolated more on Corso's Q & A session and detailed changes in the upcoming relaunch of sorts for the UK UFO magazine. The two workshops were merged to a 2 hour block.

3>Nick Pope went through the variety of strange and humorous cases he handled while working as a UK government official dealing with UFO reports.

4>Terry Hanson detailed the CIA work with CBS in the 1950's and potential that the National Enquirer was created as a CIA front to deal with the UFO phenomenon. He most likely goes into this in his book, but I've yet to read it.

5>Dr. Tom Van Flandern explained his exploding planet hypothesis and how new Mars Rover data helps to confirm it. I thought Van Flandern was going to be a total bore, but he was the complete opposite and I found his lecture to be informative and entertaining.

6>RCH went on last with his very detailed review of his tidal model. This went hand in hand w. Van Flandern's presentation. Hoags must have gone on at about 7:15 or so (I wear no watch) and finished up at an amazing 10:15 (roughly). Vintage Hoagland, as he threw in a variety of stories and pop culture references to illustrate his point and made off-the-cuff remarks about some lady in the audience's giggle, an inept radio reporter putting a mircrophone directly in front of Van Flandern's face on the podium, and some girl, who he apparently knew, who ran out from the front row while he was saying something and he told her to sit down until he made his "dramatic point."

7ish> Stephen Bassett came out and thanked everyone, talked about what a great success the X-Conference was and called in all the speakers for the group pictures to be shot.

Hope you enjoy the recaps. I did my best to recollect the vast array of speakers and presentations, the many stories I heard from people and the cool people I met, plus how I got to run Stanton Friedman's slide projector (YES !!!) and help make the Jim Marrs tape/DVD of his Sat. Lecture will have to wait for another time when I am less tired of recapping. lol