C2C Roundtable II Preview


In keeping with my last Roundtable Preview, I give you my Roundtable II Preview :

The Players :

Stan Deyo : Former FBI agent turned suvivalist. Frequent Art Bell guest, now appears on C2C on rare occasions. Sources of info : Clandestine sources, internet news sources, meterological news. Main focus : Survival strategies.

Michael Ruppert : Journalist, publisher, former LAPD narcotics officer turned whistleblower. Making his second appearance on C2C. Primary source of info : Clandesine sources and various alternative news sources. Main Focus : "Black" government drug trading and the New World Order takeover of America.

Jon Rappaport : Journalist / alternative medicine enthusiast. Frequent C2C guest with George Noory. Primary source of info : Underreported / International news, released gov't documents, and clandestine sources. Main focus : Secret Societies and their role in the health industry / "Big Picture" observations.

Talking Points :

Ruppert and Deyo are both former government insiders with numerous inside sources, so expect them to detail the darker inside and intent of the "secret government". Lots of FEMA talk.

Rappaport falls more into the line of an Ickian conspiratorialist, so expect him to detail a more wide reaching, intricate, and centuries long conspiracy.

Ruppert and/or Rappaport should have good insight into what may come next, while Deyo should have a good perspective on how the average listener should react.

Rappaport most likely has no secret information that he does not release while Ruppert may and Deyo most likely does.

The UFO Factor is low. None of the three are particularly strong proponents for an extraterrestrial source of conspiracy. Of the three, Rappaport seems most likely, followed by Deyo, and, by a long distance, Ruppert.

Three guests makes the verbal traffic a little less congested, though the similarities between the names "Ruppert" and "Rappaport" may cause an auditory speedbump.


If this episode had a themesong, it would be classic 80's tune "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive.

If the members of this episode were playing the members of the last roundtable in a play the roles would be : Ruppert as Alex Jones, Rappaport as Steve Quayle, and Deyo as LMH / Marrs.