C2C Roundtable II Round-Up


Well, Roundtable II has come and gone and has taken it's place in the annals of Coastdom. After serious study and considering the hype, I think it's only fitting to commence with ... The Roundtable Round-Up. Note: For reasons which will be explained in the Analysis, some quotes may be mislabeled.

Hour I

The opening segment consists on mainly open ended standard questions that seemed canned. Until John Rappaport replies to Noory's question of why the secret societies want control : Quote: "Basically they want ... power. Control over human beings, resources, land, anything that they can see that they want. It's an obsession, it is a fixation, it's a vast hunger ... that sits .. on top of a monumental frustration and ah ... blockage of real life force within themselves as human beings. They cannot marshall themselves to live in this world as creative human beings."

Wow. That's heavy.

Later, Deyo says that he think's the trend is going away from globalization which seems to defy the whole point of the conversation, which is the secret societies trying to control the world. He does raise a good point about how the economy may look in the distant future if the One World Gov't comes about, i.e. localized, but I think the globalization will have to come first.

Rappoport continues with his artsy theme with an analogy to his art studio which, while valid, seems rather silly after his poetic rant previously.

Ruppert drops the name of the secret society "Propogandae Dua", I think just because it sounds cool to say.

Deyo disses Fox news when Noory asks about how much control the Secret Societies have.

The end game of this hour comes when Noory makes the astute observation that this may all be coming down to a battle between the US and the globalists, although the US is already rife with globalists.

Hour II

On 9-11 : I believe Deyo or Ruppert made an excellent, albeit controversial, point when questioning the entire premise of Arab hijackers on 9-11 and asked to see the video of them in the airports.

On the world in 10 years : Deyo says that the US and South America may be controlled by Europe, which seems unlikely, to me at least.

Ruppert put out a major point of interest in the concept that the cocaine boom of the 80's was a response by the secret societies to change the nation's mood from the alternative fuel driven 70's. I'd like to see some more investigation into this.

Either Ruppert or Deyo told a hilarious, albeit dubious, story about how he stole a document from some gov't guy who "obviously wanted to get drunk and pass out." Who does that sort of cloak and dagger garbage? I don't know, but I think I love it.

Hour III

Noory goes to callers an hour early, which is usually a sign an episode is tanking.

Caller calls in and asks about Tesla. Ruppert, I believe, suggests "Atlas Shrugged", which he claims hints at the plans or thoughts of the secret societies.

Deyo, I think, predicts that there will be a chemical attack but the media and CDC will say it is a new disease and it will be used to condition the American people for new diseases which will come thereafter.

Hour IV

A debate rages between Deyo and Ruppert over Alternative Energy. Deyo says it needs to be released and implemented immediately and that that is possible. Ruppert says that it is too late and impossible.

Noory mentions the tragic death of Eugene Mallove. I was glad that topic was brought up. Let us not forget the work of Mr. Mallove.

A caller about Tesla re-ignites the Alternative Energy debate between Deyo and Ruppert and it gets passionate.

A caller calls in and brings up "The Franklin Coverup" and I'm surprised Noory hasn't heard of it. How ironic that, of all people, we need Alex Jones right now. He's been beating this drum for ages and this book is an excellent view of the darker underbelly of elements of the secret societies. A high recommendation to check this book out, it will blow your mind and creep you out, big time.


In the words of Fred Willard from "A Mighty Wind", "Wha Happened?"

Roundtable II sounded like a great idea and it looked good on paper, but the buzz around here was that it stunk. The big question is why?


I listened to it and I can tell you exactly why ... because they all sounded the same ! If ever Coast needed a TV version, it was for Roundtable II. I kept confusing Deyo and Ruppert and, eventually, Rappoport. I could hear them and understand them, but there was no flow because I kept thinking "was that Deyo or Ruppert ... maybe it was Rappoport." A good rountable needs 3 distinct voices and Rountable II did not have that.

There was no sense of urgency to any of them. With Roundtable I, Alex Jones practically had me digging my own bomb shelter. These guys were beyond mellow.

Same Topic = Bad Idea. A secret societies roundtable is a great idea ... once every 6 months perhaps. Not back to back. UFOlogy, Mars, cryptozoology, theology, ghosts, take your pick, they all would have been better than another Secret Societies episode.

Sequels never live up to the original. This point is obvious.


All negative points aside, some good ground was broken, such as Ruppert's cocaine lead, the call for video tape evidence from airports on 9-11, and the chemical attack/conditioning prediction by Deyo.

The Bottom Line

Despite Roundtable II not living up to the hype, I think the Rountable concept is still viable and an excellent "special" episode that needs to be carted out every 6 weeks or so. A Ufology roundtable with Davenport, Steve Bassett, and perhaps Friedman would rock. A pure 9-11 roundtable would be chilling and could feature someone like David Icke or Marrs. And let's not forget the JFK assassination, an occasion that calls for a roundtable if anyone does.

In summation : Rountable II : eh, a thumbs in the middle going up for historic purposes. If you prefer star ratings, I give it ***1/4 out of 5.