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C2C Secret Society

Roundtable Episode Preview


Tonight's Coast to Coast AM should be a barn burner as the late great Gorilla Monsoon would say. George Noory has pulled out all the stops and assembled a truly remarkable panel of guests to discuss the topic of secret societies. In preparation for the show, I decided to take a look at the guests and see where they compare and contrast.

Alex Jones : The Texas radio host espouses that the New World Order is the final stages of a global takeover. Relies primarily on new articles, listener tips, and careful research into the cryptic aspects of the secret societies. At times caustic, but very thorough in his research and very adament about his beliefs about potential dangers of globalism.

Linda Moulton Howe : Former newscaster who now studies a wide array of phenomenon in the paranormal field. She espouses no particular viewpoint, rather choosing to present facts as she collects them and leaving the conclusions to the listener. Relies primarily on on-site investigation and interviews and listener/reader tips. Not particularly well known as a secret society investigator, though she may provide interesting insight into the subject after years of research in the ufo field.

Jim Marrs : Long-time researcher into the field of secret societies and ufology and their connection. Recently has become one the many supporters of the theories regarding clandestine government sponsorship of 9-11. Particularly strong suited in the histories of secret societies and tracing lineage back to ancient times. Seems to have a variety of sources for information including but not limited to insider tips, international news items, and on-site investigation. Espouses a belief that secret societies have a tight control over world affairs.

Steve Quayle : Perennial Giants researcher, Quayle is also well versed in the study of secret societies, both ancient and present day. His area of expertise seems to be terrorism and microbiological warfare. Sources are primarily insider-tips arriving from a variety of sources with gov't, science, and corporations. Main viewpoint espoused is that more terrorist attacks are emminent and that they are being orchestrated by a power higher than governments.

* I'd lump LMH and Marrs together in that they seem to be trying to keep up with this mysterious world as it unfolds and allowing hindsight to help draw conclusions. Quayle and Jones seem to be more focused on the emminent danger of Secret Socities.

*LMH and Marrs are both serious ufologists, while Quayle would probably only be a peripheral researcher and Jones seems to have no interest in the subject at all, most likely classifying it as a "disinformation campaign." LMH and Marrs, on the other hand, both allow for the idea that the ET phenomenon is at the root of the secrecy, with Marrs outright suggesting it. Quayle is probably open to the idea, but not steadfast in his support of it.

*Jones and Marrs both seem well versed in knowledge of the "dark underbelly" of secret societies (Bohemian Grove, satanism, etc.). LMH and Quayle don't seem to discuss that aspect much.

Four guests can be awesome or ugly, let's see how it goes down. Hopefully, there is an effort to avoid guests talking over each other, pehaps having Noory ask one guest a question, followed by asking the next one to extrapolate on the answer.