UFO Roundtable Preview


Last year, one episode stood out, by far, amongst Coast to Coast AM listeners as the best episode of the year : The Secret Societies Roundtable (dubbed by insiders as RT I ). This year, C2C assembles another panel for it's fourth Roundtable, this time with focus on looking at the UFO phenomenon. Hinted at by George Noory in February, the UFO Roundtable brings together four big names in the field of Ufology for full fledged discussion of the phenomenon that is sure to be a "can't miss" edition of the show.

As with the previous three, I give you the UFO Roundtable Preview ...

The Players

Grant Cameron :: University of Manitoba building facility manager. Main Focus : UFOs and the Executive Branch. Media : C2C Count : 2 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 11.12.2004

Linda Moulton Howe :: investigative reporter Main Focus : Crop Circles and hands-on investigation of various paranormal phenomenon. Media : The website, the film Strange Harvest, the books Alien Harvest, Glimpses of Other Realities Vol. 1 and 2, and Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles. C2C Count : 24 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 2.25.2005.

Dr.Bruce Maccabee :: physicist, over 35 years in Ufology. Main Focus : Optics, Ufological History. Media : Over 100 articles on UFOs, the website, the books Abduction in My Life: A Novel of Alien Encounters, UFO/FBI Connection, and UFOs Are Real: Here's the Proof. C2C Count : 0 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 7.15.2001

Bob Wood :: former aerospace engineer. Main Focus : Document collection and analysis, primary the MJ-12 Case. Media : C2C Count : 1 in the last 2 years. Last C2C Appearance : 11.12.2004

Talking Points

* For starters, it looks like a top heavy Disclosure themed group, with Cameron and Wood being strongly focused in the area of retrieving information from sources within the government (witnesses and documents, primarily). Maccabee and Howe are strong in this field, so expect the conversation to gravitate towards this.

* Conversely, Howe and Maccabee can provide strong information related to specific cases, including notably historical UFO cases. Wood and Cameron will probably provide a government perspective on these events. Also, Howe and Maccabee will probably also be most knowledgeable on the latest news and cases in Ufology.

* Howe and Maccabee have been in the field long enough to have firsthand experience with government intervention in Ufology, while the other 2 will, again, be able to provide perspective on this from a government standpoint.

* Given his close investigation of the Executive branch, Cameron may be best equipped to deal with the questions related to a timetable for disclosure. Maccabee and Howe will surely have educated thoughts on this as well. Wood, through his thorough research in documents, may also have some information on this, but would have to be ranked least in this realm.

* Maccabee, for his time in the field, is most respected of the four, while Wood and Cameron are probably seen as more neophytes and Howe is criticized for her sensational style.

* "Big Picture" analysis from all four is sure to be quality, but Maccabee should provide the best stuff, followed by Howe, then Cameron and then Wood.

* There seems to be a somewhat clear delineation of specialization from these 4, so one should expect Maccabee to be best to deal with photographic evidence, Wood to deal with document evidence, Cameron to deal with government analysis, and Howe to deal with peripheral anomalies (crop circles, abductions, etc.) and case files.

* Given that Wood, Maccabee and Cameron have a combined total of 3 appearances in the last 2 years on C2C, they are certainly looking to make an impression and a subsequent return appearance. Cameron is most likely to come back first, then Maccabee, then Wood.

* Howe's status as "C2C Regular" as well as "in-studio guest" will allow her to guide the conversation more, much like her critically acclaimed performance at the UFO Crash Retrieval Specials I and II, where she served as quasi-co-host. It is rumoured that she chose the 3 guests to join this Roundtable and, if so, then kudos to her.

* There do not appear to be any distinct differences of opinion from the four panelists, though they may emerge in discussions of "the big picture".

* Wood, Cameron and Maccabee will be appearing at X-Conference II later this month, so expect that to come up at some point as well.

* Given that is was a mere 6 weeks ago, there may be some discussion on the ABC UFO Special.


Looks to be a classic. I expect little time will be spent trying to prove UFOs are real and more time spent discussing the field of Ufology, the future of Ufology, and the "big picture" analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Of the 3 sequels, the UFO Roundtable has the best chance of matching or topping RT I as the all time best Roundtable.

One must be cautious, as with 4 guests at once, there is always potential for a mishmash of voices. Having gone back to check the voices of both Wood and Cameron, I am confident in saying that this episode is unlikely to be marred by that problem as both Wood and Cameron, and, obviously, Howe have distinct voices, making following the conversation without confusion a strong possibility.

For UFO buffs, this is the best edition of C2C on paper since the UFO Crash Retrieval Special II last November. For armchair Ufologists, it provides an excellent opportunity to catch 3 guests often overlooked for appearances on C2C who can provide a wealth of information to the listeners. There is something for everyone in this episode and the strongest contender for Episode of the Year (on paper) this year.

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