Gary Webb's Dead ... Esoteric Slapfight Results


There's nothing more hideous than when someone dies tragically in some sort of bizarre way. Such is the case with esoteric researcher Gary Webb, who won a Pulitzer Prize for uncovering CIA connections to drug running. Webb was struck down under mysterious circumstances on December 11th. Alex Jones hosted a spirited episode on the 14th, featuring a number of prominent researchers of drug running/CIA connections who were associated with Mr.Webb. Celerino Castillo and Chico Brown recounted conversations with "Freeway" Ricky Ross, a friend and source for Webb in which "Freeway" claimed that Webb said he was being followed. All around, a rousing edition of Alex Jones and one worthy of further commentary at some point down the line.

At some point after that, something even more grisly began, an esoteric slapfight with esoteric researcher Michael Ruppert and Alex Jones. It appears there has been a feud brewing for some time between the two and the death of Webb brought it all out in the open, much to the delight of folks like me who are amused by such things. I'll confess that I rarely visit Mr.Ruppert's site and am a big fan of Jones, so my opinions are obviously skewed, but here's the rundown :

After Webb died and Jones began to suggest foul play, Ruppert issued an article sniping at Jones and his work in the Webb matter (on 12.18) (HERE). Subsequently, Jones replied with his own 11-point rebuttal (12.21) (HERE). Both are amazing reads, for both entertainment and intrigue.

Ruppert titles his article turfing Jones as "THE SHAME OF ALEX JONES AND JOHN HANKEY" I've no idea who Hankey is, but you've got to love the passion of a dis like that. Ruppert claims he was accused of being a partipant in the murder. He mocks a typo on Ruppert present pictures of Webb's house to discredit some thing said on Jones' radio show. He concludes his anti-Jones rant with a series of adjectives essentially draggin AJ through the mud.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones returned fire with a masterful rebuttal to Ruppert. First, Jones gives background on the early days of tension between he and Ruppert. Then he goes point-by-point through Ruppert's break down of the Webb case and retorts to each point made. Jones finishes with a blistering return to Ruppert's original piece, practically dismissing him as a nothing.

Ahh, you've got to love a good esoteric slapfight.

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