10 Improvements for C2C in 2005


As 2004 winds to a close, it's time to look towards 2005. George Noory will be entering his 3rd year of "full-time" hosting of C2C and, hopefully, the show will continue to evolve. In order to help them evolve, I am, much like the Annunaki to early humans in Sumeria, handing down 10 improvements C2C can make in 2005 that may take it to the next level.

1.C2C Regular/Open Lines NightRichard C. Hoagland and Steven Quayle had a combined 42 appearances on C2C in 2004. Of those 42, approx. 2 or 3 appearances allowed for calls from the C2C audience. Meanwhile, Open Lines night often becomes a free-form night when first hours guests may stay an extra hour or even finish out the show with Noory. In 2005, C2C needs to allow more opportunities to talk to the C2C Regulars like RCH, Quayle, and Linda Moulton Howe (who participated in a veritable template for "C2C Regular/Open Lines" night on 4.23.4).

2.More Theme Episodes : One of the ideas that seemed to finally stick with the C2C brain trust in November: theme episodes work. 2005 should have several new roundtables, more debates, and more convention coverage "revolving door" episodes. It's both a good change of pace and often finds strong new guest candidates. Some of the very best episodes of 2004, were the theme episodes which stood out from the pack and need to be more prominently featured in 2005.

3.Get Serious about After Dark : For a variety of reasons, After Dark magazine just does not live up to the promise of the C2C radio show. For all of its plugs and promotions, the magazine seems to merely limp along, barely relevant. I could give you 10 ways on how to improve it, but I've not the time, suffice it to say, it needs work. With a stronger print base, C2C could diversify in ways heretofore unimaginable. 2005, C2C needs to put more work into the quality of the actual magazine instead of the promotions they use to dupe new subscribers.

4.Uniform Rebroadcasts : One common gripe of 2004 was the choices for rebroadcasted episodes. When planned for in advance, they were tepid at best and when plugged in on the fly, they were dissapointing at best. A simple form somewhere on the C2C site where you can request an episode in the event of a rebroadcast would allow for some kind of "top ten list", known only to the braintrust @ C2C if need be, which could serve as a guide to what episodes people want to hear.

5.Clearer Guest Host Policy : For a while there, it was Barbra Simpson, then all of a sudden Ian Punnett hosted an ep. in Feb., then the venerable Hilly Rose in late August and Babs is dropped from Noory's "thanks list" at the end of every episode. Who's the guest host now ? Having an on-call, of sorts, guest host would be a nice touch and something to break up stretches where rebroadcasts are run.

6.More C2C Regulars: In 2004 there was RCH, Quayle, and LMH and perhaps a handful of "experts" on a variety of subjects who often slid into the first hour slot of the show. The addition of perhaps 3 new C2C regulars who appear on a frequent basis would add more depth and also help avoid burnout from the present "big three".

7.Acknowledge C2C History: One factor of C2C that fluctuates is its sense of its own history. C2C has been on the air for something like over ten years, but it rarely acknowledges any specific anniversaries or offers any retrospectives from the years its been on the air. A more focused sense of its past would give the show, as an entity, a sense of depth that is lacking right now.

8.Noory on Tour: Perhaps the most foolishly named suggestion, but one having merit nonetheless, is "Noory on Tour". The concept being having Noory either travel to affiliates and broadcast there while meeting fans at some point or Noory going to various esoteric conventions in the USA or even beyond. This would both stregthen C2C's relationships with its affiliates and its fans.

9.Holiday Episodes : Another concept that C2C flirts with on occasion but does not seem to commit to is having episodes that occur on holidays with guests who are experts in some aspect of the holiday. Find the right guests and an annual tradition can be born.

10.Merchandise : Would it kill C2C to have t-shirt ? You know things are bad when my website has a better shop than C2C. This improvement is so obvious, its rather scary that it has to be suggested.

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