C2C Knights Templar Preview


Nothing gets me going more than a good C2C theme episode and it seems like November has been the month for them. And, luckily, time has been on my side for this one. In keeping with tradition, I give you yet another Roundtable Preview.

The Players

Warren Getler : Investigative reporter / former financial journalist. Main Focus : Civil War-Era offshoots of the Knights Templar and their hidden treasures. Media : The book "Shadow of the Sentinel: One Man's Quest to Find the Hidden Treasure of the Confederacy" C2C Count : 2 in last 2 years. (Not Including 1 Replay) Last C2C Appearance : 3.24.2004

William Henry : "investigative mythologist" Main Focus : Ancient texts and secret societies, the Holy Grail. Media : The books "Blue Apples" and "The Cloak of the Illuminati" C2C Count : 7 in last 2 years.Last C2C Appearance : 6.17.2004

Glen Kimball : Researcher, Author, Biblical scholar Main Focus : History of Christianity, its myths and mysteries. Media : The books "Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion" and "Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus" C2C Count : 6 in last 2 years.Last C2C Appearance : 8.16.2004

Talking Points

* A diverse mix of chronological areas of expertise ranging from Early B.C., the Middle Ages, and Civil War America. Finding a common theme may prove difficult.

* The UFO Factor is moderate. Henry does posess a deep interest in areas such as "Stargates", while Getler most likely does not endorse an alien agenda. Kimball is a wildcard and could go either way.

* Henry's obsession with the Holy Grail and Getler's obsession with Confederate Gold go hand in hand and should provide the backbone for the portion of the episode dealing with hidden treasure. Kimball's work in studying the origins of ancient myths such as the Holy Grail may shed light on the more ancient hidden relics.

* Expect little or no discussion of modern day conspiracy and secret societies, as the Templars have been obsorbed by other societies by now. Perhaps the most modern the discussion will get to is modern attempts to find hidden treasure. Henry is by far the most modern of the three, including proposing a possible Star Gate in Iraq back in 2003.

* That said, hopefully the more modernistic Getler will not be squeezed out by the duo of Henry and Kimball, both of whom specialize in more ancient areas.

* As with any roundtable, the voices of the guests play a huge role in how the episode unfolds. The more distinguishable they are from each other, the easier the episode is to follow for the listener. Should they blur into one voice, confusion will reign.

* One highpoint of any roundtable discussion is the format. Open ended questions, spirited dialouge, observations from Noory, fast blast queries, and caller participation shape the roundtable, giving it depth and a variety of possible directions.


From the looks of things, Knight Templar Roundtable is shaping up to be a strong episode and potentially one of the better ones of the year. William Henry knows no bounds of esoteric discussion, Glen Kimball is grounded but knowledgable in vast areas of ancient esoerica, and Warren Getler brings an "everyman" quality to his work but also a dark underbelly. Overall, expect a satisfying episode with potential for repeated listening over the long holiday weekend post-Turkey.

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