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BoA’s Winter of Weirdness continues with a very special edition of the show as we welcome actor and paranormal afficianado Steve Berg back to the show for a conversation about his move to Nebraska, how it’s rife with weird Bigfootery, Steve’s emcee gig at a UFO conference, and the whole disclosure thing. Over the course of this unforgettable evening, we’re joined by an absolute cavalcade of BoA friends, including Aaron Gulyas, Adam Sayne, the mysterious PieroghiGuy, Jeremy Vaeni, ‘Red Pill Junkie’ Miguel Romero, Josh Cutchin, Kiki Dombrowski, Greg Bishop, and Jason Offutt, for what ultimately turns into a raucous full-fledged Christmas party featuring stories about our best presents, most memorable holiday moments, and the nature of Santa Claus. This episode is truly one for the books and what we hope will be the start of a new BoA holiday tradition. Merry Christmas from Binnall of America and to all a good night!

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The BoA Christmas Party with Steve Berg & cavalcade of friends

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