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Acclaimed investigative historian Gian Quasar returns to BoA:Audio for an in-depth discussion on his latest book, the outstanding Scarlet Autumn: The Crimes and Seasons of Jack the Ripper. Over the course of this comprehensive conversation, we’ll retrace the events of the Ripper slayings, looking specifically at the killer’s ‘canonical five’ victims,’ and learn about the clues from the crimes that were uncovered by investigators of the era but seem to have been forgotten as time has passed.

Altogether, this is an episode that will provide listeners a far better understanding of what really happened during that terrifying autumn in London of 1888 as we strip away the mythology of the case and focus on the facts rather than the fiction surrounding the infamous Ripper killings with the incomparable Gian Quasar.

An exhaustive recap as well as MP3 & Streaming Audio links can be found here …

Gian Quasar on BoA:Audio

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